• And many others

    Repealing the health care act, which would be almost impossible at this point and not great for the perspective of foreign relations and America's image, but would be beneficial on the long term. There is far too much regulation that makes it hard for new businesses to spring up and old ones to be effective.

  • Before it gets worse.

    Yes, we should fight to repeal the health care reform, because there has already been a great deal of harm done by the law. Taxes have gone up. Many people have lost hours at their jobs. Other people have lost their health care plans. People do not have choice when it comes to their health care plans, and it makes costs more effective for everyone.

  • No, we should not fight to repeal the health care reform.

    No, we should not fight to repeal the health care reform. Obamacare has provided 3 million more Americans with health insurance. I do not understand how an American who claims to be patriotic wouldn't want other Americans to have health insurance that could save their lives. If it cost me a few more dollars who cares.

  • We should not fight to repeal health care reform.

    No, we should not fight to repeal health care reform. The health care reforms that were recently enacted may not be flawless, but all in all, there have been many positive changes. For one, young adults can remain on their parents' plan longer than in the past. Also, insurers can no longer deny individuals coverage based on pre-existing conditions.

  • No, we shouldn't.

    By no means is the Affordable Care Act perfect, but it can be something that develops over time to be more realistic and work with out country. The ACA is just a stepping stone in the health care reform of the future. Affordable health care is important for anyone, anything can happen at any time. It would be really bad if we couldn't afford it.

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