• We’ve had ENOUGH!

    If people are allowed to go loot and riot innocent business owners everytime a cop screws up his job with a black arrest and ONLY a black arrest (since nobody cares about police brutality against whites), Violate social distancing guidelines and areas where covid directly affected them then we should at least be able to go back to work. Suicide rates are through the roofs (more than the gun deaths statistics). People need to go out and work, Socialize, Meet with friends, Make money to pay bills. On top of that people are starting to lose meaning in their life and think there’s no hope because of these stupid lockdowns that have been implemented for an ENTIRE YEAR!

    Plus if the BLM riots didn’t make covid rates go up then going back to work WHILE TAKING PROPER SANITARY MEASURES won’t make covid spike up either. Oh and don’t forget that covid only kills old people with no immune system so if you get it, You have a 99% chance of surviving. So let’s just open up and get back to work because we’ve had enough of these lockdowns!

    Also if we keep going through these lockdowns were already going to go through a Great Depression that will kill way more people than what the covid statistics are, More lockdowns will pour gasoline on the fire

  • Yes we should

    Covid only kills people who have no immune system which are old people who are just hours away from death. These lockdowns are doing way more harm than good to our mental health and people are starting to not see a reason to live anymore due to these stupid lockdowns and the government is doing nothing about it. The covid deaths are manipulated and even those manipulated deaths are lower than the suicide rates. Geez this ridiculous why can’t we just let the virus run it’s course already while taking sanitary measures?

  • Let's wait it out

    It's not as if people still don't move around and hang out with people, We'll just have to learn to adapt to it. Stop crying and get used to it, Wear your face masks and STOP gathering up in public places, And be protesting for some BS e. G BLM, TRUMP SUPPORTERS, FEMINISTS, LGBTQ COMMUNITY. We don't need it now, NO ONE CARES!

  • It won't help

    As much as I am done with this quarantine, We need to wait for the vaccine. Some people have weak immune systems or other diseases. As well as the elderly and young children please be more considerate. If we open up schools, Restaurants, Places or work, Etc. At full capacity are cases are going to spike up and we will go back to square one. Sure if everyone did everything right we would have a LOW chance of our cases spiking up but can we trust everyone? Especially kids. There is so much more to think about than meets the eye. We need more support from the government, Not a setback. We do not want to end up with the same, Or even a close death count to the flu. As hard as it is we need to wait.

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Foolboy says2021-03-15T18:35:49.097
Animal Crossing: New Horizons came out like immediately when the "pandemic" started. Coincidence? I think not!
(Disclaimer: this is in no way my argument, I am just a retard. If you have a problem with the word retard you are what is known as a KARINS.

Karma believing
Intent on

Boom logic.

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