Should we focus more on the rights of female migrant workers or female indigenous workers itself ?

Asked by: dealga
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  • Female migrant workers only have rights if they are here LEGALLY!

    Sorry but this PC BS is ridiculous! Why would we care more about migrant workers when we have enough problems here with people who are born and raised here. If you ask me this whole LIB-TARD women's march was a prime example of "Women's Rights" gone wacky! We as women here in America already have it GOOD! The more you whine and cry about not getting equal treatment you are only setting yourself up for failure. They looked ridiculous with pussy hats and vaginas on their heads parading around like hysterical weirdos. I am tired of taking a backseat to all the people who have migrated here in the last 20 years, getting free this and free that. F that s**t! I work hard for my money and I am not giving it away to people who can offer this country NOTHING. What skills do they bring? Can they even speak English? Do we even have jobs for them if we don't have jobs for those who are born here? Other countries don't allow migrants in WITHOUT skills and the ability to speak the native language. So, NO indigenous women who are NATIVE to America should always come FIRST! After all we are already here trying to make ends meet and survive! AMERICA FIRST! :)

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