Should we focus on and build more on English Medium Schools in India?

  • Of course what do you think !

    We should because very less people can't work in a another country because they haven't learnt English that's because that India as a very less population of English medium schools. And i'm not just saying that India is the only country to have a English medium school i mean every country that means the world wide world !!!

  • Why would this even be a question? Sweeten relations with a valuable trade partner, and get kids taught. Win-win!

    Britain may lose a few resources to do it. But to sweeten relations with India, who is after all a massive part of imports and exports, is a plus for Britain and of course the children taught in India. It's a basic human right to be taught as a child, and Britain doing it will get them international respect, and of course most importantly it gets the children a good teaching.

  • English is important

    English is the best language to connect and communicate with all people of any country who speak English,and English really important for development of economy of a country.So India need more English medium school.English is best and the nice language to express our inner feelings to all over world .

  • English is foreign

    Even after 70 years of independence, India has not created its own education system? Very shameful and humiliating to see that Indians , right from nursery rhymes in Lkg to IITs IIMs, simple borrow english booked from americans and Britain and pass them on to Indian students. Is this the best we came up with for our education? Simple fact here is it’s impossible for Indians to learn english. It’s simply crazy to borrow english books from america without even translating in Indian languages. Only India does this stupid thing in this whole world😕.

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