• Material objects can't fulill a persson.

    We should focus upon the spritual rather than material because material things create more greed or are a reflection of greed. Spirituality helps people live on less possessions and things they don't actually need to survive. In addition, spirituality fulfills people in the way that material objects can never do.

  • Forget Material Things

    I believe people need to focus less on material things. I think people need to reassess what they consider needs and wants. Many Americans are completely confused about what constitutes a need and what constitutes a want. If people can do this by focusing on spiritual things that is good, but it doesn't really matter what the new focus is, as long as we can move away from the material things we really don't need.

  • Yes, I think it's time we evolved.

    There is only so much money can buy. There comes a time in a person's life when he or she realizes material possessions are no longer satisfying, but doesn't understand why. I think mankind is evolving. I think we are reaching a point where we need to focus on spiritual things - the betterment of our emotional selves, our obligation to others, the fact that we are our brothers keepers. I think it's time for people to become more spiritual.

  • Yes we should focus on spiritual things.

    I feel that individuals should focus on spiritual things over material things. Most material things do not provide us satisfaction for a long period of time. Most of the satisfaction is derived from the 'chase' or the thought of purchasing a product, not the actual use or operation of a product.

  • Yes, we should focus on spiritual things.

    I do believe that we should focus upon spiritual things rather than material things. While I think people shouldn't necessarily be religious to be happy, I think that a lot of us need to focus on some type of spirituality rather than continue to be obsess over the materialistic nature of our society.

  • Money can buy happiness

    Proven by scientists money can buy you happiness, depending on what you spend it on. If you want more time on your hand hire a maid or a cook would free up time for yourself to use as please increasing wellbeing. Money will literally buy you both materialistic and spiritual satisfaction.

  • What are spiritual things?

    Material things: food, water, shelter, medicine, entertainment, art, science, nature, technology.

    Spiritual things: what exactly are these?
    As far as I can tell, material things are the only things that exist. Spiritual things (again, what are these? Gods? Souls? Demons?) have not been shown to exist despite fervent attempts to demonstrate them throughout human history, so I would say it's more important to focus on things that are not made up.

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