Should we follow Beyonce's advice and "bow down"?

Asked by: Soulja_n
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  • Stand Up For Yourself

    Beyonce's lyrics for the song can be interpreted many ways. To me, her song "Bow Down" is an affront to little girls who should "bow down" to their masters instead of standing up for what they believe in. Is this the message of meekness that Beyonce wants to portray? I would think the mega-selling singer would want it the other way around--for girls to be strong and stand up for their rights and fight. I can see where "bowing down" to God and succumbing to His will is a good thing, but her song isn't full of rainbows, unicorns and fluffy bunnies. It's a hardened song wrought from experiences of growing up in today's world.

  • Bowing Down Is Not A Good Idea

    While Beyonce is a very talented singer, song writer and mogul, there is no reason for anyone to bow down or follow her advice to bow down. Bowing down is a sign of a sub-servant existance, which is not part of the American culture. What sounds good on paper, isn't always meant to be followed through on.

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