• I think Laws are needed

    Laws created under the Harm Principle are written to protect people from being harmed by others. Laws against violent crime and property crime fall into this category. Without basic Harm Principle laws, a society ultimately degenerates into despotism -- the rule of the strong and violent over the weak and nonviolent.
    5. I think that Laws are important, Because Laws plays an agent of modernization and social change. It is also an indicator of the nature of societal complexity and its attendant problems of integration. Further, the reinforcement of our belief in the age-old panchayat system, the abolition of the abhorable practices of untouchability, child marriage, sati, dowry etc are typical illustrations of social change being brought about in the country trough laws.

  • We should follow rules and laws

    We should follow rules and regulations because without it people can mislead a tragic life if they drive a car when they have not learned to drive and also if someone has committed high treason and you let them off , they will never learn to do the right thing .

  • We should follow just laws and rules.

    Most laws and rules exist to prevent rights from being unfairly removed from an individual. Occasionally, laws and rules are put in place that infringe on the rights of individuals. It is these laws that should be ignored/fought against. Simply ignoring all laws and rules invokes anarchy, which goes against our human urges to work socially (humans are a social species).

  • Some laws don't justify good actions

    Law is not always a good thing to have. Some governments are corrupt and put laws to enslave and keep people who haven't committed any crime in gaol. I understand that some laws are there to keep you safe but we need democracy and everyone's vote on what's right and what's wrong. We can't just have a dictator. Sometimes power goes to one's head. I personally agree that law is a good thing but putting an argument to counter all the other arguments make good food for debate.

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