Should we follow the constitution word for word

Asked by: MrFarRight
  • Its a great constitution

    Ok think what are our problems here in the United States

    A. Extreme political polarization

    B. Endless wars killing our brave young men and even our women as well but thats a rant for another time

    C. We are drowning in dept

    D. Our government has been bought by billionaires and corporations

    How does strict constitutionalism fix these problems

    1. The 10th amendment gives states most authority wich means government policies can be better tailored to fit the needs of the people we don’t need to fight over single payer or market health care CA and NY can have single payer and Alabama and Texas can have market health care

    2. The constitution does not allow the president to just invade other countries without congressional consent

    3. When all the power is in the hands of the states the government will not be able to spend so much because they can’t do what is costing so much

    4. Why would you buy a government without any power wast of money

  • Im not too good with American politics but

    I think that so many amendments are useless stupid or harmful. #2 so many lives could’ve and still can be saved if only we just monitored gun usage and gun selling. #18 and 21, One says one thing, The other says the opposite. How confusing is that? #19 gives women the vote. Was it ever stated before that they didn’t have it? Don’t think so. Therefore, It’s useless.

  • It's a far from perfect document.

    It was a "decent" document that worked "well" for the time it was written. The problem is massively outdated. During the 1700's and 1800's it made more sense to have a weak federal government. But 1900's really started to change with modern technology of cars, Planes, Phones, Internet and such.

    The way the Constitution is now, Is more set up for a race to the bottom. Whatever state generally has the worst laws on key issues, Many states try to outdo them. As much as it would suck for those on the far right, We need a stronger central government to handle modern problems.

    If we followed word for word. More people would lose their guns, Depending on who is in charge. I'm not very gun friendly, But all it would take is someone to enforce the "well regulated militia". What I'm getting at here, Is we don't know what the Founding Father's meant and we could bend certain words to fit modern day.

    Also Jefferson quote: "The earth belongs always to the living generation. Every constitution, Then, And every law, Naturally expires at the end of nineteen years. " He most likely wanted constitution that was always evolving. He wasn't saying get rid of it, But change certain things to match with the times.

    You do realize too in the 245 years this country has been formed. Take away the first 10 amendments. If you take the next 17 amendments, 2 cancel each other out. 6 were related to government processes and procedures. 2 more on government power.

    With 3 more (23rd/24th/26th) standardizing voting rules that could sort of fit into 6 related to processes and procedures. We've only had 4 amendments that improved our rights and the last time we really did it was 1920. It's been over 100 years.

    This is why the USA has fallen behind other countries in key areas. We generally don't rank in the top 5 to 10 in the good stuff. It's time to retire it and make Constitution 2. 0

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