Should we force children to attend School student elections and vote for them?

  • Will Prepare Kids/Teens for Future

    Having elections at school is a very good form of preparing kids for future because they can learn how to cope with possibly peer pressure of people encouraging them to vote for this person, but if you want to vote for your person then it can help you deal with peer pressure. Also, it can help you become a good citizen because you can tell people "I voted!" and also if there is a really hard decision it can help you really plan out and trace out the pros and cons of both things or people helping you decide a stressful decision and maybe a hard decision that needs to be made quickly like if you are asked a question in a conference. That is why schools should have elections and that kids should be required to vote.

  • It helps to encourage kids to make choices in the future/be excited to vote

    The process of voting for and electing a class representative is by all means democratic. It helps kids to make the best choice possible, and it may be hard to keep them focused. But that is kids for you, their votes and voices do matter and it's important for them to know that.

  • It isn't Democratic and not done right or necessary.

    For one, school elections aren't Democratic because if they were, we would have more people excited and participating in school elections and more people running for them. Teens are forced to participate in something that they don't want to. I know for one that I was forced or told that I am suppose to vote. For me, I just circled the first candidate that was on the list for the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary. I didn't care nor had the empathy to associate myself with a election system that forces me to vote. Also, the elections aren't done right. These useless and wandering kids running for school elections only do it for their friends and because they want colleges to see them as motivated and hard-working. The school elections aren't even a necessity. When have you or another seen a child so motivated and excited to run or vote for school elections, I haven't.

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