Should we force pre-schoolers to see reality the way it is?

  • Let's bump the education system up

    Let's make pre-k start at age two since by that time, Babies already have speech abilities and basic motor skills. C'mon, Most kids are physically active by the age of 3. Why not have them learn pre-k and kindergarten then so they can start 1st grade at the age of four? Plus all of our attempts to sugar coat the world will fail when they get old enough to understand more. Why not put it in their heads sooner. It's easier to accept reality when you accept it early on. That way, They have more time to adapt and grow according to reality and not fantasy. If they don't like it, Then they can change it. I tell people the first thing you must do in order to change reality is to accept reality good and bad and then look at how you can fix the bad and keep the good.

  • Is reality the real world problems?

    I would define reality as the real world. Usually parents choose to not talk about real world issues with their young children, Because they don't want to burden them with it or stress them out about it. I think it's really important to show them the real world and to bring awareness to them before they grow up not thinking about problems which will come across in their lives

  • Perception is Reality

    The notion of "the way it is" already has an inherent problem thanks to the bias of the speaker/author. Pre-schoolers only know the world around them in the most local sense possible: within their family. If you start introducing too many of the world's problems to them it will generally make learning more difficult because their fear combined with a lack of power and broad understanding with overwhelm them. Small, Manageable, Local problems or challenges could be a good starting point for ones so young.

  • Parents Should Teach Their Children

    Parents will be Held Accountable to their Children. The Woman is the Teach and is to be the keeper at home. Both the Husband and the Wife are supposed to Teach and bring up their child than that of having a random stranger take care of the kid. Women are not doing their job when it comes to their kids, And it seems that the Fathers are not either.

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