Should we force special ed people to be infertile

  • Special eds should npt have baby

    Passing on dumb genetics should be banned. And special ed people usually have bad genetics and band IQ so they should not have baby. If they had baby they would also be special ed. We shoild avoid too many tards in society and also making people like incest couples infertile

  • Is it severe? Yes. Mild? No.

    Severe special eds should not have kids. They cannot talk or walk, So if they were to give birth it would mean more stupid kids. If its mild people can still function so the milds should be fertile.

    Extra word: o e o a a tang tang walla walla bing

  • No, It is violating human rights

    Even though their intelligence is much lower than the average human, Special Ed kids are still considered human, And therefore are protected by human rights. By removing their ability to reproduce, That is violating their human rights, As reproduction is one of the basic human rights given to any person. Also, Their intelligence level is also enough of a barrier to prevent the majority of them from having sex, So it is also quite unneccesary.

  • Psst you would not be born

    Farmers have been tinkering with crop DNA and farm animal and look at where it got them.
    The tastiest best crop is being wiped out and by a mild mold because they are all clones of each other and too similar. Some of the plants are also infertile and must be cloned.
    The biggest most lean cows are not able to bred and are all artificially inseminated. They are prone to sickness and need constant antibiotic pumped inside of them because a little cold can kill them.

    Artificially breeding humans will just end up making a weak strain you need randomness or else a single cold will wipe out the humans. Genetics 101.
    Its always creeps that want to control breeding like Epstein who wanted to create a super human race.
    And oh yeah the "mighty superior" Spartans lost so culling the weak won't make you better.
    Sometimes errors happen. And you yourself are living proof that even being born from a "good stock" will still give you a mediocre child.
    And a boy born with a genetic defect became an Olympic champion while you are have no Olympic medals with your "superior" genes.

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chungusfanatic79 says2020-08-17T22:13:35.420
The person who made this question is disgusting

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