Should we fully trust the American government?

Asked by: IBMUAK99
  • Should we trust morons who do not trust the American Government?

    What actually is the American Government and who runs it is a better question?

    We elect the people who run the government. If we don't like how it is run, it is our own fault. Since it is not a true democracy, but a Republic with an electoral voting system, what the majority wants is not what we always get. E.G., majority of Americans want tougher gun laws; but, a minority of wealthy gun manufacturers and the NRA do not, so Congress votes against it. So, can we really trust our government that is run by the wealthy elite, the Plutocracy?

    American is going down quickly, just like Rome did; Rome started to fall because they let too many other tribes into government; the race was weakened, and those minorities finally weakened Rome to the point that it could not defend against the invaders. That and Religion destroyed Rome. Read Gibbons on this subject,"The Fall and Decline of the Roman Empire".

    Anyway, if you can't trust the American Government, then who do you trust? Is it time for a Revolution?

  • We have seen through many cases that the American government cannot be trusted.

    Have you as a citizen ever gone into such buildings as area 51? No? Shame that America wants to keep it that way. They are hiding important information from all citizens. No government that promises freedom should hide information from citizens. Not even if they think the public will panic. Who cares if people run into the streets and say that it is the end? Freedom is freedom!!!

  • We should not put our full trust in anyone.

    I would like to say our government is trustworthy, but that would be a lie. We have been promised so much and the promises have fallen through the cracks. I think our leader is trying a good fight, but so many people step on his toes and don't allow him to do his job correctly. We live in a very corrupt world and I don't see an end to it anytime soon. No, don't put your full trust in our american government, but stop trying to destroy it.

  • The U.S government is courrupt, always has been and will remain that way they should not be trusted

    Years after years America has had the most courrupt Presidents why should we trust them? One great example is that they go to war for unnecessary reasons however the main reason is Oil they go to war for there own greed killing millions of innocent people they cannot be trusted.

  • Where has that gotten us? Nowhere

    Our government is corrupted and you would have to be blind not to see that. All they have done is given us broken promises and basically set us all up for failure. The dollar is going to collapse and then our economy and then America, itself. When this happens, the government that is supposed to be for the people and their well-being will turn on us. Just look at Executive Order 13603, It gives the NSA the right to have complete control over us during a crisis like an economic or societal one...Think about it. No, don't trust them unless you want to be in a state of devastation, poverty, and corruption in the near future.

  • Because they lie to us everyday

    American governments not only rob the people out of their hard earned money, but the people are told that they live in a free country, yet we barely knows about what happens in our world. We are taught to be ignorant through the use of a so-called education system. The more ignorant that the people are, the better it is for the American government, so how can we trust them when we don't even know what we are being taught? Out of 10 people only 2 know that Osama bin Laden was never behind 9/11, we are all taught to believe the government and we are taught that through the early stages of school. It is disgraceful that we should trust the American government.

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suttichart.denpruektham says2013-04-22T13:55:48.167
Depend on the perspective, should if your interest is with the US government, Should not if it is not.