• Fund Behavioral Genetics

    I am generally in support of all research. Information is the key to understanding more about the world, and about ourselves, as living beings on it. While behavioral genetics may on its surface seem less important than cancer research or trying to cure a deadly virus, it still contributes to our database of knowledge about the human body. Perhaps researching it will help uncover why we are prone to certain diseases or illnesses. Without asking the question, we will never know the answer, or how that answer may help solve another riddle elsewhere.

  • Learning More About Humanity

    Behavioral genetics can help us understand how patterns of behavior are passed down via genetics. While it is arguable that society has a lot to do with it, twin studies support the fact that genetics have a factor in it as well. However, this should not be used to "breed" humanity, but rather to understand the concept of behaviors in humans.

  • It could be a breakthrough

    We should fund behavioral genetics, because there might be many medical breakthroughs in the industry that would really help society. Behaviors are one of the biggest problems in society. The more we learn about genetics the more we come to realize that these things are genetically based. Funding the study of the correlation could be a life saver to people who suffer every day.

  • Leave it to the private sector

    Behavioral genetics, which if used right, could be extremely beneficial for health reasons, should not be funded by the government. This field, at its current state, is much more profitable to the wealthy looking to secure healthy offspring. Let it happen, tax it severely even, and let the debate begin as we see the long-term effects.

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