• Yes, funding the discovery of new breeds can benefit humanity.

    Yes, we should fund discovering new breeds of creatures. I believe that finding and studying new breeds can assist in helping humanity understand creation. Reports have been circulating that some creatures may even hold clues to cures to diseases. The essence of science is posing a question and seeking to prove or disprove the answer. Discovering a new breed would be the beginning of additional scientific questions which could have life altering answers.

  • Yes, discovery of new creatures should be funded

    Scientific research is important to humanity as well as to the country. Continuing to fund scientists who discover new breeds adds to our knowledge and enriches everyone. The more we know about the creatures of the earth the better off we will be - funding to achieve this is a good thing.

  • New Breeds of Creatures??

    How many years have humans been searching for new creatures now? I really do not think that we need to be funding this still. The world has many more important things to be worrying about in this day in age. If someone can raise the money for the research themselves, that's great! We need to focus on taking care of our people.

  • Funds Should Not Be Spent on New Breeds

    While the discovery and study of new animals and plant life could definitely be beneficial as well as interesting to both scientists and the public, funds allocated to the discovery of new cures and treatments of diseases directly affecting humans would be much more beneficial. There are already many current issues that need funding.

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