• Because we can

    Why limit ourselves because religious zealots think it is immoral. If we are to rule the galaxy we need to be at our peak. Why be anything less than the best? If the technology is out there we are stupid to not take advantage of it. I am ready are you?

  • It is a great idea but lets not get carried away.

    We should definitely do it to eradicate human mental disorders, as well as creating maximum immunity and well being. However we do need to be careful; maybe we could only genetically modify certain things with certain conditions. The world is different because of difference, because if human variation- we should never alter this. We should only modify traits that would jeopardise the wellbeing of people.

  • Perfect as our individual selves

    People could be engineered to have amazing immune systems, never age, heal instantly, be able to maximise our senses, never be crippled by cancer or weakening joints and intellectually we could become smart enough to solve problems we have in our world.

    For those who argue that no one would be individual; as I can imagine it, we all look as we do pretty much now, other than the exception as we wouldn't have scars, dull skin, we would be perfect in our own self as an individual not like robots in an assembly line.

    Either way the healthiest people tend to be the most radiant (not like supermodels!) but like healthy, fit 20-25 y/o's.

    Don't ask me how, but imagine if you never became ill, never aged, no one died from cancer, disease, accidents. Imagine a world where the human race is completely prosperous and healthy, able physically and mentally to achieve anything!

    (By the way: Aggressiveness could be wiped out, as well as any of those traits that make up murderers, psychopaths, rapists, Justin Beiber, paedophiles and the common criminal. How much greater would the world be without those people?!)

  • It's the next logical step.

    Humans have reached a wall in our evolution and I think to continue advancing as quickly as we have been we need to take science to the next level. I know it is a very controversial subject but genetically engineered humans ARE the future. Whether it is now or in 50 years it will happen. No one can tell whether it will be for better or for worse but every breakthrough in modern science has been achieved from the "Let's give it a try" attitude. My point is that if genetically engineering humans doesn't work at least it is one more scientific field we have explored to carry us into the next age of humanity ~ Kieren

  • Perfection Is Okay

    We can all be perfect, and well right now all society cares about is looks.. Sadly. So, if you're not "attractive" or "pretty" you will probably be one of those people chosen last or the person not being hired for the job but if we were all perfect we wouldn't have other people being put down because they're "unattractive".

  • Yes we should

    I want to say to those who use the arguments of god or natural selection and evolution that those are weak shields to hide behind. If god made us then he made us capable of altering the species. Your OPINION on what god thinks we should do is weak and backed up by nothing other than some hand me down books from some guys nobody knows which was wrote and re-wrote thousands of times. Ever play that game in class where you line up and whisper a sentence in someone's ear and see how much the sentence has changed? Imagine doing that through thousands of years, multiple languages and never actually writing the events down in the first place until a few centuries after the fact. O and did I mention that since we know how people are I'm sure some things have been changed and left out on purpose. Just because you believe in god and go to church doesn't mean you're and honest and moral person. If you argue evolution then I say evolution brought us to this point and there's no written dogma on what we should do with science to begin with. We just use wisdom , justice and fairness. It always seems to get us through. So go ahead alter away. Just be smart about it.

  • What if you neighbors refused to have their children be "perfected"

    Your children are no longer aggressive, they have ideal immune systems, and they are incredibly smart. However your children are playing with others who are a threat to them. Your neighbors children have various diseases(even with an ideal immune system, others with diseases will still pose a risk. This is shown by immunizations), they are aggressive and potentially harmful to your children, and they are not very intelligent--causing your own children to not be as smart as their peers are not terribly intelligent. Just some points to consider

  • Whether or not we should. We will essentially be forced.

    First just have to say there is no such thing as perfection.

    Evolution naturally would sort us to have more desirable place so we would merely be speeding up the process. And you can be assured that if there is a proven measurable benefit to having your child altered, then some parents will alter their children whether or not it is legal or considered "right". Then your child will be at a disadvantage to their child so you would likely want to modify them to set them on equal ground. My point is that other people will be doing it and will therefore have an advantage over you so you should be able to equalize things.

    It is also probably essential for human preservation as computers or even another alien species may become more intelligent than us and that would be a very dangerous thing.

  • Perfect Human = Giving the gift of perfect life to future generations.

    It has been said that the next step of human evolution has been achieved. This new era of human is defined by its use of technology. The broad realm of products and innovations which have drastically changed the human experience have already impacted the content of human genes (for better or for worse). In short, technology has changed the course of human evolution, because without technology (which stems from our most foundational, species-wide, passion: constant improvement) there are people, who would not have otherwise passed on their genes, who have, indeed, passed on their genes. Similarly, and on the issue of abortion, technology has allowed many people, who would otherwise produce children, to choose not to go through with a pregnancy and, therefore, not pass on their genes. In past generations, technology simply was not such an impact on the natural flow of natural selection, and so genetic code was kept in order by means of a (most animalistic) 'pruning' of genetically weak individuals from the gene pool. Since technology has allowed us to overcome the natural flow, human genetics have lingered, unchecked, away from the system which, while seemingly constraining potential human happiness, was at least guaranteeing the stability of human genetics.

    At this time whenever we, as a species, sit on this vantage point overlooking three worlds (humans of the past, humans of the present, and possibilities for humans of the future) denying the use of our most precious asset here in the present (technology) will prevent us from offering the freedom from disease, weakness, mental retardation, and yes... Even AGING to our future generations. Also, to refuse to create the perfect human is now to refuse to acknowledge the existence of our past mistake when we let technology pollute our gene pool in the first place. So let us right our wrongs!

    As an ending note to those who believe that genetically identical humans will somehow all be precisely the same: I know plenty of humans who are very different from their genetically identical counterparts (...Think twins!)

    For further debate and / or discussion, feel free to contact me: patricktrip04@gmail.Com

  • Engineering perfect people, and perfect bodies are different things.

    Maybe if we were saying there is one body that is perfect and we repeated that, I would say it shouldn't be done, or if we were engineering personality. But we wouldn't be doing that if we were at all reasonable. To me this means, if one could make people have the maximum amount of intelligence, the best senses, the most efficient muscles, the strongest bones, the most optimal immune system, and the best metabolism etc., should we? To that I say yes. Why shouldn't we? Obviously doing it is hard, because knowing how to do so is far beyond our reach currently. But if someone could give a human the best body to work with (and maintain diversity) it would be good to do so.

  • Use common sense

    A) its not right. God already made us perfect in our own ways. Trying to make the perfect human is making us even more imperfect rather than "perfect".
    B) everybody's opinion on the perfect human are different. Say you might think the perfect human should be blond, others may think the perfect human should be brunette.

  • We would no longer be unique

    By creating these "perfect" humans, there will be no unique features of the human race. Everyone would virtually be identical and there would be no element of surprise in life. I do not think this is morally right and I cannot see this happening in my lifetime. I hope that humans learn to appreciate diversity.

  • We shouldn't play God

    If we begin to modify Genes firstly for good reasons to stop Cancer and certain diseases very soon people will modify every trait and create an unnatural synthetic species. If that happens people may be judged on if they have been modified or not. We must take action to stop this unnatural thing.

  • The perfect human why not be MORE than human?

    We were made to be unique. We have the ability to do something better than anyone else. Why change who we were supposed to be? And your parents are picking who you are. Its like a human puppet people cant you see that. Well yes they may be stronger and faster than us but Engineering perfect humans isn't the main thing you should be aware of theirs other options. And seriously its not fair on your children maybe they want to be something different then what you wanted them to be. Its like at the the start of a role play video game choosing what your character looks like. Very soon Bionic argumentation will be every where and cyborgs are way stronger faster and even smarter thinking amazingly. Look it up lads you might not see what its gonna involve to be but trust me Human engineering is jack compared to Cybernetics.

  • Causes discrimination for individuals from poorer families.

    While god created us with small imperfections, genetic engineering discourages this. No one was born to be perfect, in fact it is not morally correct for a person to be perfect. In the future when rich families prefer to genetically engineer their babies for perfection, individuals from poorer families will be discriminated.

  • There is no way.

    There is so much more than we think in human. We all, including scientists, know that this idea to genetically engineer humans is focussing more on the improvement of our natural appearance. But is being perfect really all about modifying our exterior looks? We also have the human spirit, that is invisible. Are we therefore just going to genetically engineer our body, or will we be able to genetically engineer our spirit as well?? We have been made imperfect, and that cannot be changed.

  • Sameness is too same

    No one would have differences, there wouldn't be class clowns, smart alecs, 'grown ups' and everything in between. We'd all be mature (for that age) little beings. Although sometimes it would be nice, you've gotta admit that even the occasional bossy person's nice to have to put things in control.

  • No you should not

    First off, deciding the definition on what perfect is would be a debate itself. Also, no matter how genetically engineer something evolution is the boss on deciding what we are. Plus, making mistakes is a part of life. Mistakes teaches the true values of life. If we were all perfect we would all be the same. Having different people in our lives just makes life a blessing.

    Posted by: TJW
  • Who Will Decide What is "Perfect"?

    Genetic engineering is overall good. We can cure many diseases. But we shouldn't use it to genetically engineer "perfection". Who gets to decide what is and is not "perfect"? What if I disagree? What if I have my own ideas of "perfection"? My point has been explained thoroughly e nough.

  • No, we should not genetically engineer perfect humans.

    I don't know if there ever would be a "perfect human" as every perceived "flaw" of a particular human being can be perceived as a unique quality. That is not my argument.

    Natural mutation by reproduction and natural adaptation is what has allowed us to survive many strains of diseases, viruses and bacteria. If everyone developed the same way and suddenly a new condition was introduced that had not been accounted for, there would be mass extinction. Everyone would die.

    It could be related to the biological warfare between the west and the east during the early days of globalization.

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nehllajcinto says2014-04-07T08:16:44.860
There's no harm in trying.
Since this is the future we're talking about, this might be necessary on that time. Contentment isn't a good thing, it hinders us to step forward thinking that we are at our best.