• Yes to GMO

    The pros outweigh the cons. We are able to give foods like rice more nutrience. People in Asia did not have enough beta carotene in their diet and scientists created golden rice that had beta carotene naturally. Also it is cheaper because you can make a plant drought, disease, and weed resistant which saves the companies money for pesticides and a little bit of water. Genetically modified foods can also grow faster and have the chance of having two growing seasons. Without GM foods there would be very little space for anything besides farming because you can get more crops per acre of land.

  • We Should Allow GMO

    We should allow genetically modified food because we don't have to kill innocent animals that haven't done anything wrong. Also if there is a really bad drought, people can still have good food to eat and not starve themselves. They would have good quality food to eat This is why we should allow genetically modified foods.

  • GMOs are not good

    Did you know GMO's cause people to become elegiac to gluten? Not just a few people either, 4 million people! Need i say more? No, no i don't. But i will! GMO's were found as a cause of brain tumors in rats! And the chemicals in the food can actually mess up DNA in your cells! Scary, right?

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