• Yes, genetically modifying foods is ultimately the best solution

    Although, genetically modifying foods should be treated with a healthy dose of respect, they have become a necessity. Our population is continuing to expand, there is less land and available and therefore less food available. If we want to prevent starvation of the masses genetically modified foods that resist disease and increase yield are the world's best bet. Also genetically modified foods can be helpful to the environments in some ways. These ways include requiring less land, less water and fewer pesticides for the same yield.

  • I think we should genetically modify certain foods.

    Although I am not in support of modifications to things that are alive until packaged for consumption I would say that modification of animals, even if for food or nutrition reasons is inhumane and unfair. I do however believe that if we can enhance foods to make them better or more nutritious in some way I would be in support of that.

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