Should we get married (yes) or is it a waste of our lives (no)?

Asked by: the-guy
  • Marriage is a blessing

    God did not create man to be alone. He put Adam in charge of naming all the animals but soon found out that the animals were not sufficient enough to keep Adam company. He NEEDED a woman around to not only keep him company but to be able to reproduce. I'm not too good with knowing what chapter and verse certain passages are located in the Bible but I do know for a fact that God says it is not good for man to be alone.

  • Yes, but don't expect too much of it.

    If you are in a mutual loving and caring relationship, then by all means get married. There is just one thing I would like to elaborate. Marriage doesn't solve, fix or make anything better. If you are in a bad relationship, getting married will not change anything about it. Also, getting married is not something small. I reckon it is quite important to talk things through about major life-decisions, such as having children. It would be terrible to find out after getting married that one person would want to have children and the other doesn't.

    So in short; yes, but talk things through beforehand.

  • Take The Opportunity!

    If you love someone, then commit to them fully in marriage. If you love them, it isn't that hard. Do not be apprehensive, because a family member is divorced. My husband's parents separated, when he was 12. They divorced, when he was 17. That was the result of their shortcomings -- not ours. We've been happily married 31 years and counting. Marriage is a work constantly in-progress. You grow independently and as a couple. You will change a bit, with time. But you will also grow significantly through the process. Nobody stays 22 forever -- thank God! Some times are tougher than others. Marriage, like anything worthwhile, requires attention and work. The biggest waste would be to let the opportunity slip by.

  • Yes we should get married.

    Marriage is an important occasion in every humans life. Till marriage we are guarded by our parents. But after marriage our life partner will be a support to us. Without marriage our life gets wasted. When we come old enough the support of life partner is of utmost importance. My stance is whomever i am going to marry i will love her till my death.

  • Most Marriages Don't Last

    50% of marriages end in divorce and that number is rising. Spouses aren't as loyal as they used to be. I am not saying you can't be in a relationship, but I am saying that you have a high likelihood of not staying together. Also, most of these divorced spouses have children and these kids have to switch houses multiple times a year.
    Another thing, not only does divorce cost a lot, but so does getting married. Think of the dresses, tuxedos, flowers, the rings, etc. that you need to make a marriage happen. So in the end, I wouldn't suggest getting married because A) it costs a lot and B) because you most likely stay together.

  • Why get married anyways?

    I actually never understood why a person would get married when you can simply be together, enjoy your time. It won't fix anything anyways, other than for legal reasons, I don't think that getting married is necessary if you love somebody. It also creates a complicated process like divorce which costs a lot from the justice system.

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themohawkninja says2013-12-08T17:32:38.163
Eh... Risk half your sh*t on the promise of eternal love and some tax breaks... I wouldn't do it, but I wouldn't call it a waste either.