• Hell ya we should

    I feel like if students were paid to go to school and people were smart enough to save it then college students wouldn't have to have such big student loans to pay off if any at all. Plus from kindergarten to 12th grade we are expected to sit in a classroom/ multiple classrooms for 7 or 8 hours for 9 1/2 months out of the year. I think we deserve to get paid for that/

  • Yes.Because school is hard

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  • Yes we should

    We should get paid because students work just as hard as adults work. Sure, we need an education but student put a lot of freaking effort in school. They have 8hrs of school plus 5 hours of studying / homework a night which is way longer then an adult spends at work. Adults get to work from 9 to 6, come home and relax. Students work from 7 to 12am on homework or tests. It's completely unfair in my opinion that kids get no reward for doing good in school and working hard.

  • Kids need encouragement

    Kids should be paid because they need money for other things like candy and video games . Plus kids can't get jobs so how will they get money. Kids should have money to do fun things and if kids get paid to go to school they are more likely to succeed

  • School isn't a job.

    You are at school in order to learn how to be a responsible, functioning person who can eventually contribute to the betterment of society. School is your obligation, the keys you need in order to eventually start getting paid for passing the time during the day. Until then, no, you should not be paid for school.

  • School is a privilege

    No, school is a privilege that some do not have the honor of having. Earlier in our history, some groups did not have this privilege that is now given to any citizen for free. There is no reason for anyone to be paid to learn when learning will benefit them in the future.

  • Education is more important then money.

    It would be a great people got paid for school then no one would graduate. See the schools are giving us more valuble thing that we need to survive. What u learn in schools is going to help u make money in life. Its schooling that prepares person to face challanges not the other way around.

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