• Definitely yes, because there is no "standard" to learning.

    We (on paper, and in society) have a tendency to treat all kids the same; as noisy and uncooperative spoiled brats. But obviously, as test results show, some childrens' scores differ from others. Well that seems peculiar. It seems that the ones who don't get the same grades as the best just must not care or are just over all less capable of learning. No but really.(sarcasam aside), In my opinion, some kids simply learn differently than others by using things like physical manipulation or Auditory instruction to benefit their associatve memory. AND! (To extend slightly off topic) children should be evaluated individualy by multiple teachers instead of one teacher having to look after 30 students. And (180

  • Definetly completely not

    We need teachers to know children's status and what level they are at so we can help them learn, I think exams are difficult but are the best way to do that, I am pretty sure many teachers agree with me and you will to, if you read this say no as the answer

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