• Political parties are only causing nothing but problems.

    I am an Independent and I whole-heartedly believe that political parties are doing far more harm than good. Instead of people collectively voting for who they think the best person for the job is, the final vote comes down to just two people, who have polar opposite beliefs. Also, because people tend to only vote for Republican or Democrat, no other political party has even an inkling of chance of getting into the presidency, even if that candidate is the best person for the job. Personally, I'd do away with political parties and primaries, which would mean you would *gasp* have to actually research what each candidate represents and why they would make a good politician. For the record, George Washington refused to be a part of a political party, making him the only non-party president.

  • Having political parties impedes the governments ability to pass constructive laws.

    If we get rid of political parties, people would have to vote people into power based on the individual, instead of the party they are affiliated with. Lawmakers are essentially required to vote within their party lines, rather than for what they think is right, or they risk losing their cushy job. We see it constantly that congress is unable to do anything productive because the politics get in the way of passing legislation. Most people who vote don't even know any of the people they are putting in charge of the laws they are supposed to follow, they just vote straight ticket republican/democrat, instead of voting for the actual stances of the individual politicians, then they wonder why we keep getting the same results as all the politicians before. George Washington even predicted that this would be a problem and warned against it in his farewell address.

  • Partisan Campaign Blindness

    Personally I would like to see a shift to reduce the partisanship warfare that exists in ever increasing amounts. Whether political parties are eliminated or whether measures are taken to include candidates of 3rd parties in the debate and similar processes, I think it at least needs to start somewhere.

  • It's a Threat to Peace

    Both parties disrupt the peace in our country and they both constantly attack each other to the point where it looks like "dis tracks" are being produced, Or that this is some sort of TV drama. George Washington did not recommend two clearly split parties, And we should have listened to him. . . However, It may be too late to change this far into our country's history.

  • Segregation-no unity-greed-Soap opera

    Just look at our founding father they argued their differences but always tried to come to a common understanding of WE THE PEOPLE.
    Also that who is paying their paycheck and many other things. We work to hard in the lower financial arena to have to babysit the Capital and there staff.

  • Political Self Interest

    As an avid watcher of BBC Politics channel, I am sickened by the self praising, And self enhancing attitude of ALL political parties.
    We need a system that focuses on the welfare and success of the people of the United Kingdom, And its infrastructure.

    First thing we need to do is to lose the title "MP", It smacks of a boys club. Instead change the title to "RP" (Representative of the People).
    It would focus the minds that they are there to represent their constituents and not themselves, And their self interests.

    Next we need to Vote for an Elected Prime-Minister (similar to Presidential elections, But we are a Monarchy so we can't have a President).
    Once we have voted on the Prime-Minister, They are effectively the CEO of UKPLC. They are held accountable to the 'Privvy Council', Who would be responsible for the replacement of the Prime-Minister should the need arise.
    The 'PM' would be responsible for appointing the BEST people to the roles of Secretary of state for each department, And in turn they are responsible for their reports. (Much like a Business).

    There would be NO official Opposition. Instead ALL RP's, Would be responsible for holding the Government in check, As per the will of their Constituents.

    In addition we need to improve the technology used in Parliament. Votes take far too long, And introducing an "Air gaped" voting system, Would speed things up. Tradition for sake of tradition, Is pointless. Come into the 21st Century.
    We are about to start the journey to colonise Mars, Yet we still run the mother of all democracies on bits of paper.

    In conclusion, And in my opinion. The political Parties only care about one thing, And that's getting into POWER. Get rid of the system, And create one that wasn't derived in the 13th Century, And one that truly works for the people and not the politicians and parties.

  • Neither party cares about you

    Look at all the elections of the past. One party controls everything then pisses people off. Next election other party is in control till they do the same thing. This goes on forever. What's really sad is when you end up with the two worst candidates but you still pick the lesser of two evils. We have to vote like we really care about future generations. We need to get rid of the electoral college as well. We need new stuff that will work. What we have now doesn't work or never has. Just saying.

  • I am a traditionalists in regards to the country's processes, but not parties.

    We need more candidates to represent the best part of America. Both the Dems and Reps are money-hungry and do not care of the people. There is no reason for there to be two candidates for a diverse people. It would not hinder free speech as conventions will still exist.

  • A question of ethics.

    It is said that no person can represent another unless that person represents them self. All party representatives represent their party. They are seldom free to vote according to their conscience. They are owned by the party. Imagine this. A body of representatives voting freely by conscience. This body is itself a democracy so decisions are still made the difference being that they are made after debate and after the vote is counted. It would be very hard for bad decisions and very easy for good ones.
    If the voter chooses independent candidates the criteria for choice is much different. No party bribes. The voter must choose their candidate by that persons personal qualities. So a whole new ball game.

  • Don't Generate Critical Thinking

    People are too comfortable simply agreeing with the political parties they have grown to support and the name they stand for, Republican or Democrat. Many times they agree with a point simply because it is the norm for people of their political party to do so. With the absence of these parties, people will be forced to exam political issues based on the actual facts and make an informed decision on their own.

  • A very Interesting question,

    However, from the opposing arguments and the picture alongside it seems that the actually statement should be 'Should we get rid of political parties in the USA'. However I thought I would give a British perspective as a lack of parties in the UK would make sure that the government would not work at all firstly we could not have a prime minister! Also without them how would you fill positions like: Chancellor of the Exchequer or foreign secretary.

    Secondly and this maybe an issue for both countries. Lets say I vote for an MP in my constituency and there no political parties I would not know if there was widespread support of their ideas. You say parties have gridlocked the system but with every member of parliament or congress shouting different ideas we would get nowhere, it would be more gridlocked than ever.

    Also the final point I will bring up is funding without the support of a party how would one fund their campaigns. This would result in only the most wealthy of individuals could become a politicians; which I am sure is something you don't wish to happen!

  • A world without political parties

    There are reasons that political parties exist and I shall list them below

    1.They maintain pressure on each other forcing a environment where you have to work to stay on top.

    2.Without political parties it is basically a monarchy with one government that will remain for a indefinite period of time.

    3.Political parties enable citizens to express their ideas through them and vote for what they think best.

    Those afore mentioned reasons are why I disagree and why the motion should fall

  • As much as I hate a two party system and think it is destructive to society. Political parties can be a great asset.

    Political parties provide a way for people to meet with like minded individuals and promote their interests as a group. That being stated I do feel that republican or Democrat is a destructive way to divide the population. Especially when most of society says you are throwing away your vote if you don't vote for one of the two main parties.

  • No, it would destroy free speech

    This would destroy our right to free speech. The political Parties represent what large groups of Americans stand for. Political Parties are Respresentative of people across the US and abolishing them would destroy the identity of many Americans. Without any political party the US would be under a monarchy of those who are popular in America today.

  • Rules of Buisness

    The reason we have political parties is that without them no one would compete to be the" better party" why would these politicians donate so much money to charities, and do good works. Because they are trying to show up the opposing party. Without it the central party could decide to just do nothing. Competition can bring out the best and worst in people.

  • Political p[arties should not be abolished

    There are so many positive aspects about political parties that are underrated. The freedom of speech of the people would also be taken away and that is unconstitutional inself. Everybody always talks about how we need to follow the constitution and even though political parties themsedlves aren't mentioned, Freedom of speech is and political parties are just of a form of this.

  • Keep Republican party and indepandeants

    Dissolve the democratic party they have lost all, everything they stand for and they do not support the elected. Their leadership has dementia. They are chasing a puppy dog tails, not what the Nation needs. The people they serve they have lost contact with. It is a sad day on the hill when we see them bickering with each other.

  • Parties are a way of addressing ideas and opinions.

    Political parties should not be abolished for they address the different issues people have on a variety of subjects. Political parties symbolize people's beliefs and their views among the concern at hand. Without Political parties the organization and debate among the subject matter would be less effective. Complications agreed or debated about would become strenuous and getting your point across would be difficult. Political parties provide a way for people to meet with like minded individuals and promote their interests as a group.I feel that republican or Democrat is a way to divide the population but influences many different stances. The political Parties represent what large groups of Americans stand for. Political Parties are representative of people across the US and abolishing them would destroy the identity of many Americans.

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