Should we get rid of Political parties and try something new?

Asked by: ThatOnePal
  • Come on america

    This is america we don't need to depend on these partys to decide on whats needed we could decide are selfs f1e209rvfqeh eriwhepklblrj ihebwuewucbu hhf ihfewibpifbijew ihf iy rw ihbs jovs ijh ihv ih bok ihb okn wsn uofwnjo nbihg jo jog ijhij jo jo rjo jon jo pjo jvnoj #troll

  • No. There should be four parties instead of two.

    Liberal independant, liberal establishment, conservative establishment and conservative independant, or two: independant or establishment. Democrat usually means liberal anyway and republican means rather conservative but it means more if you can be independant in your money and your views and let others do the same. But then if you rely on the establishment then they will tell you what to think anyway.

  • No, but Yes

    I broke down your question into two parts. Should we get rid of Political Parties? Should we try something new? To answer the first question, no we should not eliminate Political Parties. There are many reasons why they simplify Politics, but they still manage to complicate them. I think the problem with Political Parties can be solved by adding more relevancy to "Third Parties." We need to have our thoughts and ideas questioned from new and different angles of thinking to improve our ideas and formulate better solutions. When 10 people have different solutions to a problem they can be compared and when explaining these ideas, new ideas can branch of the original idea that expand and possibly improve the idea. When only two ideas are presented you can potentially have the problem our government currently faces with gridlocks on important issues.

  • 2 hours users are attempting to do research?

    Why do people who have only been on this site for 2 hours make questions? I wonder why this happens. Are they trying to use us as guinea pigs? Are they trying to suggest no political parties is a good idea? Are they attempting to use Saul Alinksy methods of dividing individuals into groups - to reunite us under a single ideology? Please consider these questions if you have answered this question!

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