Should we get rid of Political Parties in American Politics?

  • It Doesn't Matter What We Want

    We are heading directly toward Caesarism, And will be arriving there within the the next 10 to 25 years regardless of what we may or may not want. It is a natural progression of civilization, And it is ALWAYS brought on by extreme abuse of freedoms by radicals and guest cultures who are more motivated to ridicule and overthrow the host than support the democracy. Liberalism is currently in the process of exhausting political parties in the West. Their insane and laughable demands will continue to multiply until their is no other option. This is natural and has occurred in all known civilizations heretofore. They were all the greatest in their heyday - ancient Chinese, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Indian, Etc. - but they lived out their life spans and have since all been swept back over by the sands of time. Cultures have a life span of around 65 generations. We are in the last few hundred years of the West, And there is no more up hill.

  • Hey, Listen guys.

    I'm not a fan of the whole "both sides are wrong no matter what" thing, But i agree, People are literally killing, Beating, And torturing each other just because of a difference of opinions, If we don't settle this violence, The country will crumble sooner than it should, Thank you for your time.

  • Political parties are splitting people instead of uniting people.

    People are becoming more and more judgmental towards each other based on political parties. Political parties is no more than a group of opinions. Look at today's government, Each political party are screaming and calling people names instead of getting work done. Just because you belong to one political party means that you must agree with all of their agendas. And with the growing new generation, To whom the idea of political party is unpopular to, Political party may actually begin to lose traction as a driving force in American politics.

  • They have brought more harm than good

    In American politics, The two-party system has led to a civil war. The Republican and Democratic Parties may have started out being good, But now they have degenerated into a "Us versus Them" mentality and that is highly problematic. They can easily get things done in the way that pleases everyone, But no, They must do things the "Democratic way" or the "Republican way". This country has not been this divided since the Civil War.

  • I Vote Yes.

    Political Parties seem to only create division among the people of American. Should we simply abandon them altogether, It obliterates Party Loyalty. We do not need party loyalty right now. We need NATIONAL loyalty. Enough of the Democrat and Republican agendas. George Washington had the right idea. Maybe if we do this, We can finally work together and solve issues as a united country once again.

  • Political parties allow for effective organization of government

    I understand the sentiment that political parties can lead to civil strife, However, What would replace them? After all, It would be difficult to organize national discourse and to express a national will within a democratic societies if there are no parties to express the interests of people that share their values and opinions. Removing these parties would only serve one purpose - to shut down political discourse. This could only lead to an autocratic regime that could have the potential to remove people's rights according to an ambiguous ideology. With no political parties, People would have no way to influence their government and support their own iterests.

  • Freedom means division

    The First amendment insures us the right to form political parties, Be they good or bad they are legal and to question the idea of political parties is to question the idea of freedom and free societies, A no party state is basically the same as a one party state a dictatorship, How dare you even suggest such a thing!

  • Parties are not the problem.

    So the main issues most people state with political parties is the amount of division it creates. Well political parties are not to blame, The voting system is. You see the reason that you feel that parties are dividing us is due to the first past the post voting system leading to two dominant parties. The voting system splits all right winged and left winged people whereas with a different voting system there wouldn't be this extreme of a split. It is not the parties we need to get rid of but the right wing left wing mentality

    Posted by: Jofa
  • What do you propose takes its place?

    Political parties are a way of trying to represent the masses views in a few representatives. This way the majority get what they want keeping the majority happy this is a democracy. If we have no political parties what would replace them? Do you suggest a one-party dictatorship where the masses do not get a say and everything is up to one party, Basically abolishing democracy itself? Or do you want a direct democracy where there are no parties and the masses vote on every single issue and decide everything severely slowing our reaction time as a country to basically everything because a vote would be needed? Please elaborate.

  • How would you do this exactly?

    A political party is basically just an organization of people promoting a certain set of ideas and seeking to get their members elected to public office.

    If you just ban political parties then people will still organize in about the same way, They just won't call themselves political parties. Are you going to have additional regulations? Will people running for political office be forbidden from endorsing each other? Attending each other's campaign rallies? Fundraising together? Even being friends?

    People with similar views want to help each other succeed in politics, And get together and organize towards that end. Who would have thought?

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