Should we get rid of the electoral college in the US?

Asked by: JohnnyDoe2
  • Get rid of the Electoral Congress!

    The people should decide directly, not indirectly. When you vote for a presidental candidate you are voting for a set of candidates for the Electoral Congress that will supposedly vote for your candidate. The Electoral Congress has repeatedly shown it cannot accurately represent the people in the presidental elections. Bravo.

  • It takes away the vote from the people.

    The electoral college did make sense because of how hard it would of been to count every vote on paper. Now though we have much easier ways to count votes. If we just vote with the popular vote then it would be more representative of the peoples opinions. There are states that require electors to vote like the people but the small difference in the votes times multiple states could create a difference between the electoral vote and the popular vote.

  • Yes, of course!

    We should be able to have our votes actually be our votes, not just indirectly voting. We don't want to have another case of people's votes being different to the actual verdict. I understand how people can be against it in every, though. As Americans, we want our opinions to be OUR opinions.

  • It should change

    The electoral college takes away from the people voting for who they want and tip the election in the hands of conservatives. In this past election, Trump won the election even though Clinton had 2.8 million more votes. Isn't that a little weird? However, a democracy is meant to listen to the voice of everyone, not just the majority. If the majority always rules out the minority, the government is just as oppressive of the minority. The formula though should be changed for counting electoral votes.

  • No, Absolutely Not

    Los Angeles, San Fransisco, New York, Chicago, Miami, Houston, Dallas, and the other big cities of the country. That's all it takes to tip the election in favor of either candidate. Our country was established to avoid the Tyranny of the Majority. We are a Constitutional REPUBLIC, not a Constitutional DEMOCRACY. There's a difference. Here's a scenario for the ignoramuses out there: two wolves and a sheep are in a room deciding what to eat for dinner. What do you think they vote democratically on?

  • The founding fathers knew that this is mob rule and it collapses

    Germany had a mob rule direct democracy and they voted with Hitler and the Nazi party that the Weimar Republic collapse and became a fascist country. We are not a democracy, it is a constitutional republic. This was brought up when triggered liberals lost the election and attempt to remove it just so it can get their way. This also ignores the minority for example instead of all the middle states candidates would only go to California, New York, Florida, and Texas just to get enough votes. The electoral college is there to give a nice competition to who wins the presidency. The dumbest reason to get rid of them is so liberals can get their way and that is not how it works. That is how a banana republic not in the us

  • No electoral college is better

    I don't like the electoral college because that's how Trump one. I like it because it is a genius system that better represents America. A few big cities who have the populations of millions+ could decide America's president and leaving out other voters who don't live in largely populated places with such concentrated views. In fact, the United States wasn't designed to be a democracy either. It's a constitutional representative republic. Some founding fathers said, "Democracy is pure evil" and others said, "Democracy causes turmoil." I believe Jefferson one of the smartest person ever would know a little more than you do about the importance of the electoral college.

  • No opinion; but....

    This system of voting has been around for a long time. It might not be a fair system, but that doesn't mean it isn't perfect. The only way to change the electoral system is to change who represents it. Start with your representatives in Congress, work your way to the state level (governors, state senators) and

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