• Abraham Lincoln is already on the five dollar bill.

    The penny is useless. You can't really use the penny for anything and there is too much of it. If we got rid of the penny (or at least the making of it) we could make sure we don't have inflation. In the future, inflation will be a big problem. We should be like Canada and start early to make sure we won't have inflation. There isn't really a use for the penny. That is why we should get rid of it, or at least stop the making of it.

  • We won't forget Lincoln and the penny could not be spent on anything by itself:

    Lincoln is on the five dollar bill, Therefore the penny is completely useless. Also, The penny has no use in itself and you can't buy anything with it alone. That makes the penny a money loser (it cost 1. 8 cents to mint 1 cent) and Lincoln will be remembered. Yay!

  • It is a waste of time

    Have you tried to go to a store buy 20 dollars of stuff then pay with penny's you wouldn't it would take forever and would make every one else around you mad as well, So just make every thing rounded to the nearest 5 the Get Rid Of That COIN!

  • They are bad to make for the environment

    They aren't made from heavin because they use stuff from the mines which include zinc and very toxic chemicals. So if we keep producing pennys them pir enviorment will keep getting worse and worse. If you need this to be conformed go to moneycrashers. Com. I hope the reader reading this finds this very helpful.

  • Pennies are too expensive.

    I can't believe that pennies cost more to make than they are worth. The U.S. Mint spent $135 million just on pennies, but all the pennies are worth only $90 million, so the government lost more than $60 million in making pennies. But a penny is worth 1 cent, so it is almost nothing to me.

  • It Is Costly

    It is more money to make a penny that it is worth, pennies are 1.7 cents to make and everyone knows they are only worth 1 cent. That is stupid that it costs the government more to make a penny then it is worth. They also waste time and energy.

  • They are too expensive

    Of course, spending $0.017 to make a coin that’s worth only $0.01 isn’t necessarily a bad idea, because coins are reusable. In theory, a single penny could be used for hundreds, thousands, or even millions of transactions before it drops out of circulation. However, this only works if the coins actually do circulate – and pennies, as noted above, often don’t. They’re so hard to use that they end up stuffed in jars or abandoned on sidewalks.

  • Pennies are now useless

    You can’t buy anything with a penny anymore and it costs way too much to make a penny than it’s worth. Also, just because it honors Lincoln doesn’t mean we couldn’t use a coin that has some worth. Finally, it often takes more time to find the tiny coins than it’s worth.

  • Pennies are too expensive.

    I can't believe that pennies cost more to make than they are worth. The U.S. Mint spent $135 million just on pennies, but all the pennies are worth only $90 million, so the government lost more than $60 million in making pennies. But a penny is worth 1 cent, so it is almost nothing to me.

  • Um just because

    They cost to much to make i mean who is gonna pay over the amount they made and still have to make more. Also it takes to long to make them they are terrible for the environment too. So I say we should go ahead and get rid of pennies

  • Why get rid of a penny it is useful ?

    The penny is not useless because if you are at a store and what you have to pay is $5.03 you can you it .If you want to get rid of the penny why you just never use pennies and the people that what to use pennies should. Why would you want to get rid of a penny? If you need a cent to make a dollar use a penny. Why get rid of it if it helps you everyday?

  • It would be rude to Lincoln!

    The only money that Lincoln has is the penny if we get rid of it, it'd just be disrespectful, wouldn't it? #savethepenny #morewordsneeded #pennyalltheway need more pennies ya'll! Save to charity ya'll! #saynotoeliminatethepenny #whyamidoinghashtags #15morewords #hashtagsarecool okay, just..Say no :(. Have a nice day! We need pennies, ya'll! Pennies give you good luck! :)

  • The importance of a penny

    Iowa has a tax of 1.7% how would we make that .7 if we have no pennies? Does that mean business tax price will go up? Or will the state tax go up all in one? Which will both be a bad thing because people now complain about taxes. Again, for stores how would they come up with the extra change they use? Or fundraisers that rely on change.

  • The Penny is Very Important.

    To Americans the penny shows a sense of pride for our sixteenth president, Abraham Lincoln. A lot of Americans don't like change and would rather stay to their age old traditions. Plus, pennies keep prices cheaper, if you want to buy something that is 97 cents, but there are not pennies. The price will round to a dollar. Also, small but important charities will not have as much money, because they depend on small change donations. Fundraisers like Pennies for Patients, are charities that rely on penny donations for money to help the people the charity is for. Also, if the penny is to much to make our government should just find a different metal to make them with.

  • Why do it!?

    First thing, ALL of the prices that used to be in between 5 cents, would go up...Do we really need more expensive items in stores? Also, wouldn't that be a bit offensive to Abraham Lincoln?

    He's done a lot for Americas society, wouldn't it be disrespectful to just take him off? Also for charities that raise money, would people be willing to donate 5-10 cents instead of there pennies?

  • We need a 1 cent coin!!!

    Why would we get rid of the penny? If something cost 99 cents, and you paid a dollar, you should get that 1 cent back in change! It would be much easier to just leave the penny is the system.
    If it costs more to produce a penny, than the penny is worth, make it out of a cheaper metal, don't get rid of it altogether!

  • No we should not get rid of it

    No, I don’t think we should get rid of the penny. Why get rid of it when it is useful? The penny, like others have said, come in handy in certain situations. For example, if you need to pay $10.02, you can easily use two pennies along with a 10 dollar bill. Another way pennies are useful is if you need a penny to simply make a dollar. Pennies along with other spare change is also used to donate a tip or give a penny for charity types of things. Pennies are used in many ways and used everyday, so there is no point in getting rid of them.

  • The penny is important

    Taxes add in numbers to the price that often make the numbers uneven, and change must have pennies to get it right. Also people and businesses like to make things 5.99 or 9.99 to make their products seem cheaper, and the penny really matters for this.

    Also, pennies are not causing inflation, there are many other factors that go into it other than the penny.

  • I like the Penny!

    I like the penny so we shouldn't get rid of it. Why get rid of something that 51% of Americans want it. Plus the nickel costs more to make than a penny. If I like the penny then we are going to keep it whether you like it or not. Okay? Vote no!

  • Prices would be rounded

    According to the SCOPE magazine “Prices would be rounded to the nearest nickel. For example, Let’s say you can get a hot dg for $1. 97. Without the penny, The hot dog vendor would likely raise the price to $2 rather than lower it to $1. 95” Therefore we should keep the penny.

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