• It's not gonna happen

    I know it's not gonna happen and it is just a little silliness on my part but I think they should call themselves Pro-Abortion. I mean that's the so called choice that they have been guarding like rabid dogs all these years. You know, the choice to be able to go to your local clinic and get an abortion any time you need one. Heck some women get upwards of 4 abortions throughout their life. It gets to be like a form of contraception to them. I am getting off topic. Yeah, the pro-abortion group.. I think it is kind of catchy.

  • No. We can't "get rid of" a term.

    First of all, the concept will always be around: the idea that a woman had the right to choose whether she wants to have an abortion. I'm not sure how it would be possible to "get rid of" a term. But even if activists decided to use a different phrase, this one is so embedded and well-understood that it would be nearly impossible.

  • No, keep it simple.

    No, I do not think we should get rid of the term "Pro-choice."

    It's a simple term that explains how the people in this "group" feel about the issue and it seems silly to call them something else. Not to mention it keeps things simple for the masses, many of whom probably couldn't follow a more difficult term.

  • No

    There is no reason to get rid of the term pro-choice unless people are wanting to reconstruct what is known as the pro-choice line of thought and reason for abortions. Pro-choice is and has been associated with a liberal and progressive mind set that will not be altered unless warranted by those within that group.

  • What's the point?

    The argument that "everyone is 'pro' choice" is just stupid. The meaning of "pro-choice" means pro-abortion and arguing the semantics of the words is just a waste of time. There's no point in changing the terminology. Instead, the focus should be on the argument of abortion itself. Arguing titles is just silly.

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