Should we get rid of welfare programs to create a Universal Basic Income of $12,000?

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  • Welfare programs help people, specifically elderly people and children

    While it may sound like a good idea, a Universal Basic Income will cause more damage than good. Welfare programs help to lift people out of poverty. While some may argue a UBI will help lift people out of poverty, what they fail to realize is that welfare programs help children. A UBI would only benefit people over the age of 18.

  • The Gun Will Still Decide What Your Money is Worth

    There are an estimated 1,700 international conglomerates that basically run the world economy, but none of them could get away with all the crap they pull if it were not for the US having a military equal to the next six or seven largest for "defense" purposes. When your constitutional rights are suspended indefinitely and the public demands the government and mass media lie to them for their own protection, the guns are the only honesty you will find and the only thing that matters anymore.

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deacc says2016-09-25T19:42:17.310
Neither. Both should not exist. People needs to earn their own paycheck.