Should we give federal funding to Native American tribes?

  • Yes we should.

    I live in a state that has a huge amount of Native Americans and they do receive federal funding as far as I know. We should give it to them for taking away their land because they were here first. They lost a lot when we invaded their land and we have to pay it back to them.

  • Look at the damage of modern affirmative action

    America puts so much more importance on minorities than everyone else. In today's society if your not a minority and your not politically correct or a woman then you are a dirt bag. Many affirmative action programs have the adverse effect and should be reviewed. That being said we give money to the native American tribes. The tribes are rich. Native Americans suffer from the same issue everyone else does. The rich get richer and the poorer get well...Poorer

  • No, they need independence.

    No, we should not give federal funding to Native American tribes, because giving them assistance forever only ensures that they never become independent. The rates of substance abuse among Native American tribes is very high. Giving them money that they have not earned does not teach them to take care of themselves. The United States cannot pay reparations forever.

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