• Yes participation trophies should exist.

    Kids feel left out and sometimes angry when they try their best and aren't even acknowledged. They could get better trophies the better they are. Also it could slowly make it more competitive the older they get, but at a younger age we are more likely to throw a tantrum over not getting one. Some may argue that not having participation trophies wil make them try harder and I get that. But if they don't get a trophy they are just as likely to give up or be jealous of the kids that got trophies.

  • Trophies for participation cannot exist.

    The value of a trophy is inasmuch as it's rarity and is used for the exceptional. Therfore, when you're giving a trophy to (potentially) everyone involved this "trophy" becomes worthless. So it's impossible to give for participation, unless one assumes that the value of a trophy is dependent on the outcome.

  • It will make them ill-prepared for life

    If kids are used to receiving prizes just for showing up, they will lose every incentive to work hard toward their goals as they get older. When they finish school, they will be in for a rude awakening when they don't receive a job offer simply for showing up to the interview and looking pretty.

  • Students should not participate in trophy games

    When children's will participate in games like AP and TS reginols they not concarte on studies they will not prepare for their exams we will take pro kabbadi as a example only Anup Kumar know English others players don't know English when kabbadi international happening is the capitan but Rahul chowadry can play better than him but he didn't made captain of India because he don't know English very well and only children play throphy games they will get more pressure on them with this I concud my speech

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