• Yes, There is so much that is wasted.

    There is so much food from schools, Hospitals nursing homes, Assisted living facilities and cafes that are thrown out every day but it can be covered and go to the homeless shelters. Over the years, It has become so political in this area that common sense has gotten thrown in the garbage just like the leftover food. It is nothing but a waste. There are good people in these shelters that would happily go to these places and get the food for a good cause. This massive wasting has got to stop.

  • Yes we should.

    We should because if you cooked a nice dinner for your family, And then the next day no one wanted it and the is one way only to do. Is is to throw the food in the bin. And i wanna tell you something. . . YOU CAN NOT THROW LEFT OVER FOOD! So i now how to solve that problem. Instead of doing that what told you, You yourself can just put some in a container and then get a plastic fork, Nife, Or spoon and give it to them. However, It is not that easy. What I would do is make a little platform in my neighborhood and any neighbor can put any left over food and the poor can get it for free!

  • Put an end to waste.

    Food should never be allowed to go to waste. Even peeling potatoes should be illegal, Because the skins are edible and in fact contain the most fibre and vitamin C. I've heard that most grocery stores throw away about 30% of their produce just because of minor imperfections. That should be unacceptable. Food should be a fundamental right rather than a commodity.

  • Don't let them starve.

    If restaurants and businesses that sell food have leftovers or food they're going to throw away at the end of the night, Why waste it when you can help someone out? Sure, People will try to abuse it and just get food for free. But they're are people who are starving. They need help.

  • They should homeless peope need food.

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  • Stop wasting food

    Wasting food is unethical. Children in Africa starve to death because they have nothing to eat, While our restaurants are quick to throw out a banana that has slightly too many brown spots. We should stop wasting food that could be easily given to little children in need. Don't make waste, Make meals.

  • No we shouldn't

    I don't see why we should give the homeless our leftovers like they're animals or something. There is an abundance of untouched food that are thrown away because they came out misshapen; instead of giving just leftovers i think it's better to give them regular food. I do see why you all would say yes, But i don't think it's right as at the same time these foods can contain unhealthy and dangerous germs. Treat them like humans.

  • For safety reasons.

    If you have untouched portions and there has been no contamination, There would be no problem but unless it's a sealed package like a fruit cup, There is no way to be sure if the food given/received is actually safe.
    Once in a while you get some nut case who tampers with edibles that get given away like Halloween candy. This is why kids are not suppose to accept any unwrapped candy. If some people are willing to do that to young children in their neighborhood, People would be even more tempted to do it to a group that is less welcome.
    Tho you may not have any ill will intended and only wish to help, You are also not likely to know all the food handling standards like the temperature certain foods must be at to be safe. Tho that fried chicken may have been just fine for you to eat at home, It has also likely touched peoples bare hands and become contaminated. If left unheated, Various bacteria could grow on it without your knowledge so you could actually be making these people sick.

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