• Yes, we should give media time to Charles Manson.

    Yes, we should give media time to Charles Manson. Charles Manson was responsible for creating a group of sycophants who perpetrated a terrifying spree of violence in California during the 1970s. We should remain vigilant so that other madmen with similar proclivities will not emerge and do the same thing.

  • He was a famous person.

    Even though Manson was famous for horrific things, he was still a person who made headlines. For that reason, people may have an interest in knowing what ultimately happens to him. Reporting on his health doesn't change the fact that he has a lifetime to serve in prison. It is just public interest reporting.

  • Yes, Charles Manson should be covered

    No one wants to promote or idealize the horrific crimes that Charles Manson perpetrated. But Charles Manson's life right now is anything but glamorous. He is an old man dying in jail alone. Nothing can be sadder. By covering his demise, it is not idealizing him. It is making him human and describing what becomes of people who is convicted of horrible crimes. They suffer. They do not become a martyr.

  • No, but it's going to happen anyways

    As much as some people don't think Charles Manson deserves the media attention, there are plenty of others who are appreciative of it. Some people like to keep up on Manson and his activity, and if he is in as poor of health as has been described by some, it may be important for some people to know if he passes away.

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