Should we give medical treatment to prisoners on death row?

  • Not only would it be legally wrong, it would be morally wrong as well

    First of all, being a Christian, I strongly disapprove of the death treatment. People have the right to live, and they have the right to receive treatment for their wounds. Denying people medicinal rights would be basically killing them, which is obviously illegal. As someone mentioned earlier, people have the right to live until their execution, and therefore until execution the government is in custody of that person, and is responsible for their medical needs.

  • We should give medical treatment to prisoners on death row.

    Prisoners are still human, no matter what crime they committed. We cannot refuse them treatment that could potentially save their lives. Doing this would result in a violation of the eighth amendment, which states that the federal government cannot impose excessive bail, excessive fines, or cruel and unusual punishment. This would also break the third human right, which is the right to life.

  • Death row inmates have rights

    People put on death row were put there after they were tried, convicted and sentenced by the judicial system that is fair and not emotional about the case.
    The main point is that they have the right to live until the day on which they are going to be executed.
    And this fundamental right is what differentiates us from the wild times when you were tried, convicted and hung all in the same day.

  • It would defeat the purpose of a death row.

    The reason why people stay on death row for so long is because we want to make absolutely sure that they are the criminal in question. Death row is about justice, not simply killing them, if that was our goal we would just hang them right after the trial. Can you imagine the backlash if we allowed somebody to die on death row right before finding evidence that they were innocent, I don't know about you but after that I'd probably be putting the ones responsible on death row.

  • They are still human beings

    Regardless if they are on death row or not they are still human beings. During their time in jail they still will go to the bathroom, need to take showers, still need to eat, get some sunshine, and will indeed get sick some time or the other. That is cruel and unusual punishment to just let them suffer if they are in need of medical treatment. Yes they are a criminal, but that still have rights.

  • Death Row inmates should be able to receive medical care for the time being.

    It is extremely inhumane to let a human suffer, even if the man/woman is subject to death. The person should be allowed to receive medical treatment until the execution takes place. That is an example of negligence to our people. It shows that if you commit a crime worthy enough of being executed, you shall suffer the pain until you are executed. The sound of that pronounces itself in a slightly barbaric tone, and it is. It also reminds one of another brutal tactic used before execution--- torture. Lines must be drawn in order to dissuade others from truly believing that indirect torture is a humane idea.

    Posted by: NR36
  • They will die anyway.

    If we get rid of lethal injections and go back to hanging, prisoners would spend much less time on death row. Their execution would happen so fast a medical problem would not hurt them. Even if we kept lethal injections, it would be cruel to nurse them back to health just so we can kill them.

  • It is absolutely meaningless

    Why waste resources to treat someone who is already going to die via death penalty? I find this to be ridiculous as we are only prolonging their life to make ourselves feel better about ourselves just so we can kill him ourselves for some twisted sense of justice. I personally think that the moment someone goes on death row, they lose the rights that the average civilized person has. Although I still believe they should have rights, I don't think we should waste resources on them. Give them minimal rights with minimal treatment and if they die before their assigned death then nothing of value is lost.

  • Why Should We Bother?

    They're going to die anyway, why should we waste medical treatment on them, especially medical treatment that could go to sick children or the poor. Death row prisoners do not deserve medical treatment, and our tax payer dollars should not go to coddling men and women who are convicted killers.

  • What's the point?

    We plan to kill them anyway, why not let nature do the job for us. It would be a waist of time, money, and supplies to save them. If anything, we should save them for others, and not waist them on someone who we plan to kill anyway. If your going to kill someone, does it matter if they are healthy when you do? Nope.

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