• Yes, But It should not be too much.

    There is nothing wrong in giving homework to kids, Homework are just meant to practice what students have learnt in schools. So that they don't forgot the previous topics and move forward with the new topic. But teachers should not give too much homework to students. It should be given in a less amount so that kids get time to participate in other activities as well.

  • Then why send them to school then?

    Kids used to work the fields, Kids don't do anything useful any more, They need to learn a work ethic, Make them work, Life is hard, When you make life easy for kids you do them a terrible disservice, They need to learn to survive in the real world, The real world means life is hard, And they need to work hard to prosper, No homework means you get lazy kids.

  • Yes we should.

    Homework helps kids review what they have learned in school that day, Helping them remember and be more successful in the future and in school at the time. Homework also helps the teachers know what the child is struggling on, So then the teacher can help the child get better.

  • Helll no dumbass

    If you truly believe you should give kids homework, You have a disability or are a fat asshole. Fuckin nERD! *thanos clap* epic number one victory royale! I just drank a chugjug! School stinks! Ha ha ha my dad hits me actually please im forced to write this he has a gun oh my god. He shot my dog named dog im crying and shaking! PLEASE HELP ME GOD

  • For the most part no

    Homework is used to enforce the subject taught in school, Homework should be given to students when the class does understand the new subject or the subject in general, However, If the students all have decent grades in the class and seem to be answering the questions the correctly when asked, Why should homework be given if the kids are understanding the subject?

  • It gives kids a lot of stress

    When you get home from your job, It is unlikely that you continue working that job at home when you clock out. Why should kids do the same? Let them enjoy the childhood they have left, Homework will just bring grades down if they do bad on it, As they won't be able to ask for direct help from a teacher.

  • No its wrong

    Its all bull it does nothing for no one
    everyone pro hasn't gone to school in the past 15 years and clearly don't understand 21 century education and what the future hold for technology and there is simply no correlation between good test results and homework take finland they all smart af they get like 10 mins of home work a day

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  • I have way too much.

    I sometimes have hours upon hours, Especially in History. Once, I had to stay up until midnight, Then I had to wake up the next day at six (6) AM just to go to school on time. It's not fair for students. Plus, Seven (7) hours of school torture is enough. I don't need any more homework!

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