• Legalize marijuana and excute the illegal dealers

    I work in EMS and heroin has become a real epidemic in the last few years. The number of ODs we see has skyrocketed and some days you'll get as many as 4-5 in our system in an hour. Some of these patients are as young as 11-12. Dealers that peddle to kids are no better than child molesters in my opinion. I think child molesters should be executed therefore drug dealers can take a long trip down a short rope as well.

  • Yes, we should

    Because it is better to kill one person than kill many people. When the drug dealers sell and give a drug to many people, it is same like that drug dealer try to kill those people, because drug can kill us or berak our life. Drug dealers can make so many victims.SO, I think we should give a death penalty to drug dealers.

  • Drug dealers are a waist of skin, God could have made 3 dogs with just one.

    These oxygen thieves may not be killing people directly, but they are killing people, families and society in general. Innocent children and elderly people who live with or depend on uses are victimized and sometimes abused because of the dealer’s demands and users addiction. Our jail are packed to over flowing with convicts who have committed a myriad of crimes ether drug related or to fund their drug habits. Billions of tax payer dollars are spent on legal fees and rehab for users, all so a waist of skin who care nothing for anyone else can make an easy buck. The world will be better off without these selfish dirt bags in it. The death penalty is less about punishment and more about deterrence. If no one is selling drugs then no one can buy them. War on drugs will be won. So should it be an offense that a judge may sentence one to death? Yes, and the bailiff should do it on the spot with a roofing hammer.
    Have a nice day.

  • Drug Dealers Know Their Product Can And Will Kill

    I fully admit that drug addicts are the ones that choose to inflict illegal narcotics upon themselves, but drug dealers are most definitely part of the problem. They take advantage of people's weaknesses, exploit the peer pressure that children and young adults are subjected to, do whatever they can to sell a productive that can and most likely will leave a person hopelessly addicted to their poisons for the rest of their lives. Lives that are dramatically shortened by said poisons. Dealers know they are part of the problem, and do not care. And if they won't stop pushing their poisons, then they must be stopped by any means necessary.

  • Drug dealers are the slime of existence

    Drug dealers know what they are peddling to others. It is poison that they are selling. They do not care how their customers get their money, they only want to make that fast buck. Their customers rob, steal and burgle to get the money for their next fix. They do this to their partners, their parents, their siblings and strangers, desecrating their privacy and their ideal that their home is their castle. Drug dealers cut their product in various ways from talcum powder to cement to rat poison to goodness knows what. Just so that they can make more money buy creating the illusion that they have more product to dispense to their victims. Dealers should get off their lazy, arrogant backsides and get a real job. Earn a living for a change and desist from creating more victims who slowly die from their poisons. How much sympathy would a person get who recklessly releases sarin gas or mustard gas or any other toxic substance? None I guarantee! So why should so-called educated people sympathise with dealers in poison who only do so to line their pockets for a flash car or a great mansion. Yes I know that most low level dealers do it only to pay for their own habits of poison ingestion, but why should that be an excuse for them to repeat the process and create goodness knows how many more victims? DRUGS are POISONS!! Nothing more. Nothing less. And the dealers, traders in these poisons do not deserve any-one's sympathy. Dealing is only a quick way to earn a buck and get rich quick. They think that because they are Australian that the government will expend millions of Australia's tax dollars trying to get them off. And they are correct!!! Because our leaders think that by doing so they are appealing to the majority of voters. Dealers deserve NO such assistance or aid. If they commit their crime overseas then they know darn well that they are bound by the laws, penalties and the justice system of the country/countries they are visiting. You get a passport and the drugs warning. You get into an air[port and you are greeted with the drug warnings. Hey! You roll the dice. You get hammered! No-one ever made a continued living from rolling the dice. There is no room for dealers on this earth that the rest of humanity work hard to improve. Bleeding Hearts! Shutup and go away!

  • Yes it is

    If legally proven, deliberately and becoming a long lasting internal business, especially for drugs facility managers and providers.
    Do not deal with drugs; do not deal with uncertain task, when their law demand for death penalty. It is a choice.
    Each country has its own rule of law and we must respect as same as when we are respecting life (your family and friends) it self.
    Just do not deal with what you already know the consequences.

  • Less workers , the ones they feed will lower

    If workers that feed the hungery start to die the hungery will lower. Killing drug wars must be done from bottom up. This way the dealers are harder to find . Most small timer dealer don't want to die. They normally are not addicted or users. If dealers die . Larger quantity must be brought in and it will be easier to find the trafficers

  • Good riddance to rubbish

    Individuals who peddle drugs bring harm and despair to communities; they have no interest in the damage they are doing. Having an automatic death penalty for any amount of drug dealing would in m opinion get rid of some of societies rubbish and save innocent life's. Good riddance to rubbish I say

  • Bali law should be respected

    If the Indonesian law is that drug dealers be executed, that is what applies there. Australian law is internationally recognised as being soft and weak. Thats why we continue to have problems with all kinds of offenses. Where have the anti capital punishment agitators been? Why are they now getting so vocal and trying to influence Indonesia? None of our business! Do the crime- do the time or whatever. Let them go.

  • Drug dealers prey on human weakness and ignorance to make money.

    The drugs they peddle not only create useless suffering drug addicts but also cause other crimes, enormous financial burdens on government and misery for law abiding people who are affected by the drug related crime. The worst of it all are the innocent and gullible children who are turned into drug users or drug sellers.

  • What happens when the drug is legalized

    When the drug is legalized, law enforcement would realize that if the drug dealer lived longer, his crime would be not real. Unless the man committed mass murder. There is no reason for the execution of a minor felon who sold an illicit substance. Death penalty for a drug dealer is not right.

  • Waste of a life and lots of other points

    First of all, drug dealing is a crime that involves the unauthorised sale of certain consumable substances, such as marijuana and heroin. A drug dealer is a person who sells the controlled substances. The unauthorised sale of prescription medication can also be considered as drug dealing, and in some cases may be a major problem in some communities, which is why a punishment should most definitely be given to the dealer, but the question is should we really be executing these people for only selling the drug, and instead giving a punishment?
    Elaborating on the point made now, which is also one of my points to make, in certain countries illegal importing, exporting, sale or possession of drugs constitute capital offences that may result in the death penalty. According to a 2011 article by the Lawyers Collective, and NGO in India, they say that, ’32 countries impose capital punishment for offences involving narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances.’ So my point to make here is that, once again there is no reason to execute people who were only doing an act that was illegal. To elaborate further, let’s take for example that a man murdered another man, then the murderer would be taken to jail for the rest of their life, and might come out of jail in 20 years rather than their whole life…. So if you think about the murderer had killed someone and yet was not executed…but If we take the drug dealer they would be executed for doing a small illegal act.
    Now to my second point regarding the topic, about what happens when the drug is legalised. When the drug is legalised, law enforcement realise that if the drug dealer lived longer, their crime wouldn’t be real. Unless that person had committed mass murder. As I was saying earlier, there isn’t really a reason for the execution of a minor criminal who sold an illicit substance. So therefore the death penalty for drug dealers is not valid.
    So to recap briefly on what I was talking about, drug dealers convicted of distributing large amounts of drugs should not receive the death penalty, because people should only receive the death penalty for taking life or, in some cases, attempting to. Though convicted of committing a major crime, it would be wrong for these drug dealers to receive capital punishment. This gives them no chance to regret and make a contribution to society.
    And also, how does that benefit anyone?, executing someone for a minor criminal act, should definitely not be a reason for execution.

  • This is a victimless crime - education and rehabilitation are needed for all.

    Drugs are a choice. Where there is demand there is supply! So killing drug dealers/traffickers is not the answer. The answer is in a good sound education from a young age. This will lift them out of poverty status and give them a better income to support themselves and their families as well as bring up children who are educated and know the good from the bad. For drug addicts, rehabilitation is the answer. They would need help from their Government as well as other donors to help facilitate the building of rehabilitation centers and for people who have had that past drug experience to educate the addicts and give them a sense of purpose to stop them from using again.

  • Violation of human rights

    Drug dealers also needs a basic right, which is life rights. If we kill them, it's just same with we took their rights to having a life. It's not all the drug dealers false, the users know that drugs can make them die.But, why did they keep to buy it? We can just put them in a jail, and give them some rehabilitation. So, they can realize that it was not good and stop to selling it and they can find another job that much better than that.

  • It's not their fault people do drugs

    Being a drug dealer is stressful, its there every day job. For some people that is there only way they know how to survive especially growing up in poverty that may be all they know. But it is not their fault that people are buying their drug, yes the drug they supply may increase death upon someone. Lets say your mom was an addict and you hated her supplier but it was your dads fault she started using drugs hes the one that promoted her habit. The dealer is just out doing his/her job .

  • Drug Dealers are cold blooded killers who need to be punished.

    Death penalties are to easy of a punishment in exchange for the harm done to fellow human beings and to their families who suffer the most. Unfortunately the majority of the ones in jail are the user's who rob,steal and murder to support their habits. Crimes done by user's should be charged to the dealer's and pusher's of these drugs with no exceptions. "We have the wrong people in jail." Judges should take the bull by the horns and serve justice to guilty. They are afraid to do the right thing and there fore are part of the problem to. You would think by now that the judicial system would have figured this out. Our judges are cowards and fools who need to do what's right. Is there anyone out there ready to step up to the plate ? God help us !!

  • Freedom of choice

    All drug users had at least once the freedom to choose to do or not drugs. Imposing the death penalty on the person who enabled them to do drugs wouldn't be just.
    Furthermore, the very idea of the death penalty is appauling. Regardless of crime, a death penalty is both irrevokable and "the easy way out" for the felon.
    The people should not have the right to choose life or death for another person. Regardless of what he/she did.
    For extremely hideous crimes, anyone who has been in jail will confirm that solitary confinment is a much worse penalty, that is walking the line between punishment and torture.

  • We have left many cruel punishments of the past behind and now understand how cruel and useless they were.

    Most countries no longer burn witches or bury people alive. Try to understand why people take drugs. Maybe it is poverty or to cope with some disaster in their lives. If the world was made fairer and we cared for each other more then hopefully people could manage without drugs or any other form of addiction.

    Posted by: JMB
  • They're not evil

    The arguments toward why they should be given death penalty are stupid, we need to take in count that even low drug dealers are being put to death for as little as 10 g of drugs , not even rapists or murderers get that amount of sentence for their crimes!.

  • Abstract Justification, Irreversible Consequences

    The central issue with the "Yes" response category is that there is no real, justified system of assigning a penalty, (like death), to someone who committed an arguably victim-less crime.

    NOTE: I am operating on the assumption that our hypothetical convicted drug dealer was just a drug dealer; that is, they didn't assault, coerce, or threaten any clients and they didn't facilitate any crimes beyond that of drug distribution.

    In this situation, the drug dealer is guilty of only one offense that can be concretely proven--they possessed, made profit from, and distributed illegal substances. That is all. The "Yes" response would make an abstract argument to justify an accelerated charge for our convict. For example: "This activity destroyed many lives." or "This substance is responsible for deaths and hospitalizations." I agree, what the drug dealer did has created more harm and exigent results than just the distribution.

    However, there is no FAIR way of proving the drug dealer's exigent offenses quantifiable. There is no, just way of presenting an argument like, "The drug dealer's activity ruined X amount of lives, give him the electric chair." By that logic, I should be jailed for life because the emissions from my car will eventually increase ozone depletion .0000001% and, as a result, give X amount of people skin cancer. As a result, anyone who ever sold an alcoholic a beer or a murderer a gun deserves the death penalty.

    This is a noble concept, with no just method of execution. We cannot punish criminals for assumed offenses with actual consequences.

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DudeStop says2014-02-06T03:40:30.483
Lol look at the topic's picture, is their a committee for drugs or something? Pretty dam rich drug dealers...

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