Should we give welfare to criminals and sex offenders?

Asked by: Tayseetom
  • How else can they support themselves/family?

    Other countries that (which have no registries) psychology deem a past sex offender as a pedophile, are considered to have a mental disability and are provided with welfare type of compensation. The disability leaves them to a point that they can't control their sexual urges. I think someone like that needs to be put in a mental institution when they can't control their urges. However, here in America, we're putting anyone and everyone on the registry with no chance at a life without support of others. To be able to live an independent life after society says "you can't have a life because you were convicted, regardless if you did it or not", then we as a society must be responsible for putting the alleged offender in that position!

  • We are all people

    Should criminals and sex offenders be allowed welfare my opinion is yes. Do their criminal acts make them not people any more? In most cases they need it the most. They are less likely to have an education and will have a lot harder time finding a job with their criminal/background.

  • No, they have taken enough from society.

    No, we should not give welfare to criminals and sex offenders, because these people have already gotten enough from society and they should give back. People will think twice before committing crimes if they know that they will lose their government handouts if they are convicted. Banning them from handouts is a much more fair policy.

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