Should we go back to 18th/early 19th century warfare?

Asked by: Ajb.2888
  • Yes Yes Yes

    Warfare is becoming more and more scary as we progress. I understand that in order for muskets and ships to be built, Deforestation must occur. But that is better than a nuclear showdown. Besides I think we can all agree that historical military uniforms were the best. Each country had there own style, Such as France's blue WWI uniform, Britains redcoats, Or perhaps 14th century knights, And Samurai armour. Anyway my point is the potential of warfare is getting worse.

  • No, But A Good Idea.

    A ritualised form of warfare would result in less overall violence, And more spectacle, Countries would put together teams and fight until a victor emerged.
    18th/19th Century warfare was violent, And made little sense, Medieval warfare would be more fitting, I believe, As it tests a man's strength of arms, Encouraging physical fitness and bravery.

  • Nobody else will.

    I can see it now. We proudly meet any enemy with our navy of wooden ships just to be wiped out by modern battle ships, Submarines. We may fire off a few shots before they are all sunk but the few that do land only bounce off their steel hulls.

  • That sir is an impossibility

    Why not just do away with war al together? You know what because it impossible. . Why not go back to throwing stones and animal feces at each other? How about thunderdome? Some one would igonre the rules and take over, Its absurd and impractical, Do you understand that now? Because it fairly obvious.

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