Should we go back to a nationalist world? (no UN, EU, NATO, Etc)

Asked by: abohan4816
  • Its totally worth it

    Are you saying a one world government is worth killing off all of our cultures? Our nations? Our history all wiped out? Therw os no way I would want to live to see that happen. Not to any culture, Religion, Government, Nation, Whatever. By the way I can't stand the concept of forcing democracy on other nations. If there not democratic, So what let them be.

  • Each country is unique.

    We aren't all the same, Our cultures can be deadly incompatible with each other, And my country isn't responsible for your countries' citizens. I want to take care of the people in my country and ensure we can all live happily, Safely, And healthily together in harmony before we take 50 steps back and shove everyone together into a big melting pot.

  • I sure do

    Globalism has killed off lots of our culture around the world, Whether if you believe this or not it is a fact. Globalists like to call nationalists racists or people who hate other cultures, Which is only somewhat true, Not for all of us. National unity would be revived in all countries. I love other cultures and would like those cultures to remain strong where they are. Not be polluted by other cultures. I believe there are way to many melting pot countries in today's world. Lets go back to 1900 shall we. Italy for Italians, France for the French, Germany for Germans, Mexico for Mexicans, Japan for the Japanese. Not one large one world culture with every body everywhere.

  • A European perspective

    This is an American site, I doubt that most people reading this are from England but I don't think that you know what you are asking for. Today some less educated on the left call everything fascist, But What is being called for here would be true fascism, My culture is beautiful and all regions should maintain there own identities, I am against multiculturalism, But dividing our selves into such different groups will not end well. WW1 was fought for this nationalism, Millions died and the mess that is the middle east was created; People always think of the Holocaust when they think of genocide, But it was only 20 years ago on this very continent that non Serbs were rounded up and exterminated in Serbia and Bosnia.
    We have to stop seeing ourselves in such dangerous divided groups.

  • United we stand, Divided we fall

    Nationalism is a bad ideology which is just a whole lot of own-country-government worship and national bias in sport, Politics, Art competitions, Etc. Yes, We may struggle to co-exist, But it's worth it in the end. Globalism > Nationalism. Heck, If it works, I'll take a world government (a government in which the whole world is together in terms of parties and leaders).

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