Should we go back to the barter system rather than the monetary system we use now?

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  • I think the barter system has it's merits but it would be difficult to administer on the whole

    There would have to be some kind of general consensus on how much a persons time is worth based on their skills. There would also have to be a general idea of costs if you where to buy/sell or trade for items/ products. There would also have to be some kind of written agreement encase someone tries to rip you off

  • Give leveled distributism a try

    Levelled distributism is a take on regular distributism, but offers more "selfish" incentives (as in capitalism) to work. It relies on giving xp (experience points) for requested actions completed. Firstly, there is no money, only values. Values are not money as they are:
    1) not a means of exchange as with dollars or pounds
    2) not a (permanent) store of value, only temporary
    3) not a standard of deferred payment
    4) but is a unit of account

    Values are only a unit of account and a (temporary) store of value. Values are not exchanged. If a person “buys” something, his values are stamped or punched out. That person then signs or stamps accounting book of the business, but no money is exchanged. The business owner gets xp for each good or service sold. Enough xp and the business owner goes up a level, and is able to “buy” more at
    that point.

    Levels are standardized ranks which allow one to “buy” things. A higher level allowed one to “buy” more things. Everyone, however, received the same amount of basic food, basic housing, and medical. While all guilds provide 7 levels, they are named differently. The guilds provide the value books that are stamped or punched. Each guild has the same quota for each level to ensure fairness with
    resources. It also follows supply & demand. The common level names, amount of values, and vacation days are (per season or 3-month period):
    • apprentice 100 2
    • novice 2nd class 300 3
    • novice 1st class 500 5
    • artisan 700 7
    • craftsman 2nd class 900 9
    • craftsman 1st class 1200 12
    • master 1500 15
    Vacation days do not include off time.

    XP is experience at each level. Performing a task can raise or lower xp, depending on if it was a good task (filing paperwork) or a bad task (littering). If person loses all xp at a level, they are reduced a level with the remainder of xp of previous level held. In other words, if a person is artisan with 25 xp and performs a bad deed that costs 100 xp, he is reduced to novice 2nd class (level has total of 3300 xp for this example) with 3225 xp (25 xp from previous level and 75 from new level).

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  • No, but we need something else...

    Okay people, I can think of countless things (no pun intended) that are more valuable than money right now....Including plastic. We need something that with be good for the Earth, the people, and something more accessible, like rocks. No, I'm not kidding, I think that is the solution to poverty, rocks, everyone could have them. I hate money, but there must be some way to make it better....

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