• Life without Earth

    Think of the stuff we would get from our food if it was organic, of our children planted trees, if our dogs and cats had wooden toys instead of lead laced cheep plastic toys. Think of the island in which there are birds eating our waste, OUR trash. They eat it and then die from it which is a slow and painful death for them. Would you want to have chemicals in your body? And to have your babies chew on lead laced plastic food toys? Of course not! Get wooden toys, wash clothing cold... It's not rocket science!

  • Of course we should!

    Imagine a life without animals, earths natural resources, and other things like that and if we use solar power then power outages wouldn't be a problem for us even in the night because they absorb sunlight and generate power god created this world beautifully what we see now, is junk.

  • Yes going green helps the environment

    We should definitely be making an effort to go green anywhere we can. Auto dealers, cleaners, and many other industries are going green and we should follow suit. You should not necessarily go green at the expense of others but making an effort to go green is a postive move to the future.

  • Yes, we should go green.

    Yes, I believe that we should go green. There is no good reason that anybody can give to justify not going green, in terms of cost or time. Still, people use plastic and paper grocery bags in grocery stores, drink from non-recyclable containers, and litter all the time. It may seem like all of these things are not hurting our environment, but, as it is in many things in nature, time will be the ultimate test.

  • Gives People Something to Do

    I am not a supporter of the global warming theory or any theory involving the absolute need to go green. If a person wants to become knowledgeable about what is going on with the planet, I would recommend research. But I do think going green is a good idea for another reason. It gives people something to do, a feeling of satisfaction. Going green can't hurt, so why not? Since religion is not a high priority in the US, give people something else to be passionate about that is more mainstream.

  • Good for the Environment is Good for Humanity

    Going green is an essential part of human advancement in the modern age. Taking care of our planet is technologically possible and technologically necessary. Instead of burning coal and burning oil, we should use the wind and sun to power our planet. With electric vehicles and biofuels, there are no excuses for investing in green energy systems as soon as possible to halt the threat of global warming.

  • Going green

    Yes, I do personally think that everyone should give their best effort to go green. Recycling amongst other things is very good for our environment. There is less landfill waste and things can be used again. The country could benefit from going green in many ways as well. If we all just did our part, it would be great.

  • No go green

    Green makes us lose jobs, I would not support to bring down the economy . I would not bother otherwise if we all have the lowest job rates and earn less than people all around the country. Not all of us around the world would go green, so if they don't, and they make money , how are we to willingly stay behind. By johnxu1997@gmail.Com

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