• I agree! To!

    Just because we have never done it before and we would have to change our ways, if us students could be smarter and have a better chance at collages why not take that chance so you can have a better future.Us students would have 97 days more of learning, why not.

  • Japan did it

    Japan has 277 school days a year and America 180. Japan is second in smarts and America is way behind them. I really think that if we did all year round I know that the students would become way smarter. Just don't give out a lot of homework. It's bad.

  • What’s the point?

    It’s never been like this before so why now? Having year round schooling can cause more stress on students and teachers. We all need a break from each other and that’s why we all enjoy summer so much. Yes with year round schooling we would get weeks off here and there but nobody would want to change there schedual. In other words no we should not have year round schooling.

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