Should we go to the body shaming jerk's house and tell him to stop.

  • Leave the website now!

    Get off now you spammer I will never surrender I'm the guy who posted one thing no one liked and I'm supposed to leave and the guy spreading fat guy pictures allover the opinions page is a hero? You're like America in the cold war, You did stuff to stop what you believed to be evil and in doing so made yourself no better.

  • You will leave you little bitch.

    I am so sick and tired of your stupid fat guy post stop blaming all the spamming on one fictional fat guy! How do you have time to do this? Get a job! You are the biggest spammer in the history of debate. Org! And you're not going to make anyone leave there are a lot of spammers here and I'm not going to leave because you didn't like a post that I did. You're not going to make any spammers leave unless they are brought to shame by your superiority at spamming.

  • He needs a stern talking to.

    That body shaming jerk living in his mom's basement or where ever (I know he's a hypocrite) has terrorized this website enough. We should go to him in person and tell him to stop because the Debate. Org authorities aren't stopping him. This is what America did when the government failed they would form militias. We should create a militia against the hypocrite body shaming jerk in his mom's basement or where ever he lives he probably lives in his mom's basement. Then he can stop living like a stupid hypocritical cyber bully and get a job.

  • Stop crying fatso

    I will not be silenced and I will not be stopped because I am unstoppable. Just give up now and I’ll leave you alone and I’ll stop making fun of your weight so you can go back to doing your mom haha haha. As for having a job I just got off work and gettin paid tomorrow, Love my job and love my coworkers and my boss is a ducking badass (I learned from him how to deal with sumo wrestlers like you) and I get paid well :) I got the time and money to do whatever I want and I choose to be a noble troll. Stick around if you want me to keep exposing you making you as miserable as possible

    Can’t wait for you to team up with mommy you fatso

  • f**k no bitch

    We have bigger problems get a diet fatasses don't act like someones in the wrong just because they call you out for being fat. If youre fat its noones fault but yours so grow up you annoying arrogant fat douchey retarded annoying bitchy (i need more words to post this so deal with it)

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