Should we (Government) be letting in illegal immigrants from other countries?

Asked by: pjanke505
  • Cannot support a "us vs them" mentality

    Nearly every argument I have heard against immigration rests upon the premise "we should help ourselves before we help them". This works fine in some duty-bound ethical systems, but as a consequentialist/utilitarian who believes that all people's well-beings are equally important, this is nearly impossible to accept. Without a duty-based ethical system this argument inevitably seems to rest on the assumption "we are more important than they are" -- a contradiction to Utilitarianism.

  • If we let them in they're NOT illegal immigrants

    Shouldn't the question be "Should we offer amnesty to illegal immigrants and just automatically make them legal immigrants?"

    Which I would say "no". However I would say that we should make legal immigration easier. If you can support yourself in someway whether it's a job, close family taking care of you, or you're so rich you don't need to make any more money to support yourself then and if you are not a violent criminal and not a terrorist and you are not carrying contagious diseases then you should be let in immediately.

    Studies show that immigrants create jobs through purchasing power and entrepreneurship. Arguments that we can't afford or handle that many immigrants are moot. People who make such arguments obviously haven't done any research and just automatically assume there will be a net loss of jobs. More reason that people should be required to show they have done research on political issues before being allowed to vote.

  • We simply shouldn't

    By letting illegals we are now letting once eraticated diseases back in, I am not making thins up look it up at foxnews.Com/politics it will be thier. As well as disease we are flooding and breaking cities financially, in an already struggling economy this is something we just can not afford.

  • Remember "Shaft in Africa"?

    Illegal immigration opens the door for exploitation. As a note, the French organization that was employing immigrants from Africa was not racist at all, unlike what the movie seems to be saying for some weird reason. They had a black gangster in the highest ranks of their organization. An elite hitman. But it does cause exploitation, like shown in the movie.
    Illegal immigration is never good, folks.

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