Should we have 2 hour extended school day and get out of school on May First?

  • We need a longer summer and a longer school day

    Although we get out in June, Our school goes from 7-2:10. If it was extended to 7-4:10, We would have a longer school day, Education, And a longer vacation. If we extend the school day by two hours, Then we could get another accumulated month of summer vacation. A longer schoolday is a longer education, And we have 180 days of school. So if we added two hours to the school day, And took out the months of June and May(we have 12 school days in June) we will have a little more school and more vacation!

  • This Could End Up Harming Students

    School is very stressful for students. It is especially stressful for students struggling with mental illness and students having issues at home. Extending the school day by 2 hours would cause more stress and worsening mental illness. There would also be a lot less time for clubs, Sports, And working a job during the school year. This may even lead to more students dropping out. Overall, I believe this is a bad idea.

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