Should we have a class in English were you could make rap songs and poetry songs?

Asked by: blueeye420
  • There already is.

    Most students don't realize some of the assignments that English classes give out that could relate to such topics. I thought, however, discussing about poetry is mandatory in some levels of English, i've already made about 5. There is classes that does this that is not necessary english either, for instance, music appreciation or creative writing. Find some electives that could apply this idea into their subject.

  • Rappers and poets

    I think that if people are into rap and poetry they should be able to express themselves. You can do that in a English lesson. If you don't have a lesson on poetry and raps people won't reconigse your love in music and poetry and you could be good at it.

  • Yes I agree there should be classes like this.

    I feel like it’s very important to have class like this if not they already do. Learning to write poetry is very important tool specially if that’s the filed of career you want. Also will help if want become a novelist, writer, or children story book writer. Rap Songs can also be created to teach Math and English, which for some kids it’s easier to be, teaches by sing or listening.

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