• Without a doubt.

    Slender attractive women should wear as little as environmental conditions allow. Whereas big female fatties should cover up at all times and let's ditch the tight leggings. No one wants to be faced with all that cellulitic dimpling on a regular basis. Despite what political correctness might infer, Big girls in skimpy clothing just don't cut the mustard. Well that's my opinion anyway.
    As for blokes. Wear what you like fellas. Though I never really got the crotch of your pants at knee level thing. Best we keep the crotch in or around bollock level.
    Socks with sandals is debateable and seems something of a contradiction but I'm prepare to roll with that one. Though you won't catch me doing it.

  • Need dress code

    Because it good and I said so. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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  • It Isn't Necessary

    I feel like it's OK for people to show off who they are, As long as it is not distracting. I believe that the strictness of a school's dress code is up to the school to decide. In my opinion, Schools should not allow things such as distracting hats, Sunglasses, Short skirts, Short shorts, Crop tops, Tube tops, And super ripped jeans to school because they are just distracting or rude. Wearing sunglasses in class could be rude to the teacher because it makes them feel like you are not giving them full attention or it could give them the impression that you might try to fall asleep in class. I believe that revealing clothes should not be allowed to be worn in schools because they are distracting to mainly boys, And someone wanting to express themselves should not get in the way of someone else's education. Putting a limit on the clothes someone can wear to school is not taking away our ability to express ourselves. Even though you can't wear a crop top to school, You still have many other things you can wear such as hoodies, T-shirts, Tank tops with jackets, And much more. My last thing that I would like to point out is that the school is not violating any of the Amendments of the Constitution by having a dress code. When a school wants a dress code, They have to go to the government first to ask. The government allows schools to have dress codes because it is not fully taking away freedom of expression.

  • There's a time and place for everything.

    In a similar vein, What do you think would happen if a white-collar office worker decided one day to show up to work in streetwear? A dress code helps the school maintain a professional, Yet engaging academic community, Which is what school should be about. Furthermore, Dress codes are also a way to minimize distractions and allow students to focus on their studies.

    Why freak out about a dress code when you can literally wear anything you want outside of school hours?

  • Dress codes keep school professional.

    School isn't a student's home-away-from-home. It's a place where they learn, Not show off who has the best tits. The dress code shouldn't be crazy, But it still needs to be there. For example, No hats inside, No crop tops, Ect.
    If students have issue with a dress code then they should send a letter to the price able with a clear and reasonable request such as, "We, The students of (your school) would like to be allowed to wear leggings for the fallowing reasons:. . . . . . . . " but not something like "We want you to get rid of the whole dress code because it's annoying. "
    seek compromise, Not demands

  • Yes. You're at school to learn, Not to "express yourself. "

    I get that lots of people say that dress codes are sexist, And I fully agree to an extent. It's true that 99% of dress code violations are for girls who are showing too much skin, Etc. But think about it: there's a wide range of revealing clothes girls can wear. They can wear crop tops, Tank tops, Leggings, Mesh pants, Short shorts, Shoulder-less shirts, The list goes on and on. Boys on the other hand can wear revealing clothes too like tank tops, But their range of clothes that violate the dress code are much smaller. Also, People say that it's not the girl's fault, It's the guys fault for looking at girls that way. I can see the logic behind it, But that doesn't work either. We can teach boys at a young age to treat women with respect and such, And how much education can stop the natural biological urges of puberty and hormones. Also, Wouldn't that be restricting boys' sexual awakenings in the most hormonal times of their lives? It would bar them from pursuing relationships with female classmates. Additionally, People say they want to express themselves with the clothes they wear. I say BS to that. If you want to express yourself with clothes, Do it outside of school. You're at school to learn, Not to show off your fashion sense. Also, What part of "expressing yourself" means wearing revealing clothes? Think about why you're wearing what you're wearing. Are you wearing because it's trendy? Because that's all you have? Or are you trying to impress some guy/girl? Express yourself through your studies, Guys and girls. If you want to impress some guy/girl, Just show your affection for them 1 on 1. Don't get mad that another less attractive guy/girl approached you because you wore something that looked like you were trying to impress someone. You're at school to learn, Not to express yourself.

  • Jf difgjd skd

    Dress codes in school settings reduce social conflict and peer pressure that may be associated with appearance. As opposed to uniforms, Dress codes still allow students to wear what they want which leaves students with a sense of choice and expression. Dress codes have proven to increase student achievement by encouraging students to concentrate more on their studies and less on their wardrobe. A de-emphasis on clothing can also save money, As there will be less pressure to keep up with expensive trends and fashions.

  • So then people can be themselves

    I wasn't allowed to wear clothes to school yesterday that's why dress code should end Then the next day I was allowed to wear clothes you know what I mean bro I mean I hat dress code. Then girls and boys can wear whatever you want. Like I m that cool bro whatsup my boiiiii. So then people can be themselves

  • No because we should be allowed to wear what we want

    We should be allowed to wear what we want as long as it covers what needs to be covered. I want to wear shorts to school but i'm not allowed to because they are "too short" when they are 6 inches long. We are not allowed to wear tank tops with thick traps even in gym.

  • Fashion is fun

    I think we should not because people should be able to wear what ever they want when ever they want and not to be forced to wear certain things and things we don't want to wear. We should be able to wear what we want. Pass the petitions to wear what we want.

  • No Way Jose

    Dress code goes against the The First Amendment of the United States anyways.
    There really is no reason for a dress code except for masks. Masks are the only thing I could agree with that shouldn't be allowed at school.
    Most of the opposition just says that females wear too short clothing all the time and its distracting boys and other people. This is not the 1200s where women are wearing ridiculous long dresses. Someone should be able to wear what they want. It is their body.
    Boys and other people can keep their eyes to themselves. This excuse that men can't control themselves or that boys can't focus in class because Katy is wearing a short skirt is pathetic and holds no weight.
    The other argument I see is that "They're there to learn, Not express themselves or look pretty. " Again. Holds no weight. Wearing short skirts or ting tops isn't affecting their learning. There isn't any scientific data or research that shows there is a correlation between the two. The only people still arguing FOR a dress code are people that couldn't adapt with evolution and are now going to be left behind.
    Sorry for being harsh, But its the painful truth. Until I see some credible Scientific research showing that wearing certain clothing affects learning for the average student, These arguments hold no weight and are utterly pointless.

  • I like wearing a regular or cool shirt

    I don't like dress codes. It's pretty much telling you what you should wear and what you shouldn't. I just like being myself. I want to wear what to wear. That way I can feel comfortable not uncomfortable. It doesn't matter what shirt you wear you just have to be comfortable with it.

  • Dress code should not be allowed

    Some kids like to express themselves in weird ways. Why does the school feel like they have the power to take that away from kids. The school is over ruling the students rights to dress freely and as comfortable as they would like. Some students are different than others, And should be able to show that.

  • Should we have dress codes

    We should not have dress codes because they don't feel good and some
    kids don't like them h h h hh h h h hh h h h h hh h h h hh h hh h ii i i i ii i i ii i i i ii i

  • No. We should be able to express our freedom.

    I think that we should not have a dress code. It takes awat some basic freedoms. Dressing yourself is a way to express diffrent mood's and to style yourself. To say that you can not do those things is a break in basic courtesies and rights. Also people can be themselves, Instead of a person influenced by soiceity. That is why I think there should not be a dress code.

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