• The United States Constitution Provides for a Well-Regulated Militia.

    There is no reason why law abiding, peaceful, mentally stable citizens shouldn't be allowed to own a firearm for protection and other purposes. However, those who have a history of violent crimes, such as rape; and those who are mentally ill should not be allowed to own a firearm for the protection of themselves and other citizens.

  • You are kidding right?

    Is this even a valid discussion? By all means, stand by the Amendments, but that does not mean that some control is not needed. It is very naive to think that everyone should just be "allowed" to purchase whatever weapon they see fit without some issues occurring.

    A law is not prohibiting you having a weapon, nor is it against the amendment. It is all about balance. Should you be allowed to own a weapon - yes. Should there be a law controlling the amount of training required before you are allowed to purchase it - yes.

  • Guns are not toys

    Unless you live in the us where gun laws are much more liberal than elsewhere in the world, most people are going to want some kind of limit to what kind of guns people can own.

    I don't really agree with some people's claims that if people can buy guns they just turn into mad people right away and start shooting people for no reason, but at the same time I also find it sick that people would even feel the emotional need to actually own guns in the first place unless they are being used for hunting.

    My opinion is basically this: No, I don't think people owning guns causes a meaningful increase in crime rate, but I also thing that gun zealots are such pathetic people (real men don't need to hold a gun in order for their balls to feel big) that I can't bring myself to feel sorry for them.

  • We have to protect our constitutional rights.

    We don't just get to choose what laws we do or do not want. We have to stick to what has already been established. If we do not, then none of our rights are safe in a system where we choose which rights we want. If one right is allowed to be abolished, what makes the others safe?

  • The phrase molon labe and the First amendment sates

    The right to bear arms which is in the constitution. So why not just re-write the constitution and send us back to the revolutionary war will ya Obama re set our great nation a nation of freedom in the name of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness Molon Labe ! Americans

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