• Excess of garbage, deterioration of land and natural resources, automation

    We are degrading earth resources by making more space for people by transforming forests into agricultural land and housing. The amount of garbage we produce is enormous and polluting oceans, the soil and atmosphere. Automation is coming and there will be less jobs, of course new ones will be created but I think the net outcome will be lots of people being considered useless. Under such scenario, why would we keep producing more people if thousand or millions won't be needed anymore? The world is changing so much and we can't keep old ideas about freedom to procreate.

  • There should be population laws.

    Earth is quickly overpopulating. “Will humans survive?” is one question. But, will humans and animals have enough resources for the time being? Earth can’t get larger. The planet is already holding 7.6 billion people in this given amount of space. When the population increases more, the real question will be if there is enough space for everyone to live. In Kolkata, India the population is 4.6 million people in one part of the state. According to World Population Review, there are 63,000 people living in one square mile. Another main reason there should be population laws are that there won’t be enough food when the population reaches 11 billion people in 80 years. 80 years seems like a very long way away, but Earth needs to prepare now. Earth needs to start since not everyone agrees with population laws. By 2100 the world needs to have a few laws to keep the population in hand. In the last statement the text stated that not everyone agrees and they may right or wrong. One theory supporting their idea is that the population will continue to increase and then rapidly drop in 2100. According to National Geographic, another theory counter-arguing the other theory is that the population will continue to grow even after 2100. This theory makes sense since manufactures and food companies will find some to produce enough food, either finding a faster way to harvest vegetable, or have everyone eat fake food three times a day. To reduce the usage of food prison’s could kill anyone who has a life sentence in jail. Be killed or sitting in a cell all day for the rest of their life is more torture than be killed and passing away peacefully. Finally, everyone won’t have enough drinking water. According to Seeker, “The new research, led by University of California, Irvine scientists, reveals that humans are rapidly draining water from about a third of the world's biggest underground basins, or aquifers, more rapidly than they can naturally be replenished.” This quote explains that humans are using up water from about ⅓ of the world’s aquifers. This is serious since the world is not at its highest population. The world’s population is still suspected to grow another 3-4 billion people. When the world has 11 billion people, they will be using half the amount of water 7.6 billion people use and adding it to what humans use now. In total, the world will use 1 ½ / 3 of the world’s aquifers. The world will eventually run out of resources and humans need population laws.

  • Of course we do

    We are doomed if we don't have population laws instated in this day and age. People are way too horny and want way too many babies because they're fucking selfish and don't care about what the world can sustain. I secretly hate every pregnant couple I know because they are further dooming this planet.

  • Sooner or Later

    I consider myself a proponent of human rights so this is extremely difficult for me to consider this as an inevitable necessity, but, unfortunately it is. By 2050 the population of the world is expected to double. The world is already facing the consequences of global warming and health defects caused by pollution. We are in the middle of a mass extinction, though much of the population is blissfully unaware. The fact is that too many people are having too many children and the poorest people least equipped to care for these children are the largest offenders on this issue. Yes, I am a liberal and I am a staunch supporter of opportunities and rights. However, what good are rights without a world to enact them? We have to stop lying to ourselves before it is too late. We do not have enough resources to sustain an ever-increasing population. As the human populations world-wide increase, the rain forests, animal life and resources are dwindling because of it. Christian missionaries in the poorest countries where millions are dying of disease and starvation are blocking efforts to educate the masses in these nations about birth control even though many of these individuals cannot feed themselves much less several offspring. It is sickening and shameful that we are lying to ourselves. There need to be a massive effort to educate the public world-wide about the dangers of population control in hopes that individuals will limit their offspring to a maximum of two. If not, other step will have to be taken. When it comes to limiting population or not having a planet to live on I will certainly take the former before the ladder. To think otherwise is only to delude one's self. We need to address these problems now, before drastic measures have to be taken.

  • Population control is essential to ensure a species' would have adequate resources to sustain themselves in the long run.

    Populations should be controlled to ensure that there are enough supplies and land for everyone, because having a larger population means having more mouths to feed. If the population soars too high, there not be enough resources to sustain such a large multitude of people, eventually leading to conflicts over scarce resources such as water and may lead to the extinction of a species.

  • Population should be managed.

    The population of a city or a country should be managed to prevent demographic imbalances. Such as all those baby boomers just about to retire.

    A population law does not need to be as hash as the One Child policy in China. It can be a series of economic and/or social incentives to have more or less children. These tools can also be used to encourage or discourage migrants and refugees. These levers can be used to mange the population growth. At what rate the population should grow or decrease at is a separate question.

  • Overpopulation is increasing

    Our population is increasing all the time, in the long term we will be unable to provide the best care for everyone, as it will be economically impossible. Already the NHS and the benefits scheme are under pressure. Implementing a child control policy will help bring down our population over time, allowing the government to provide for everyone. Also our energy requirements will lessen, meaning green power could actually become possible. Of course somethig in the strain of China's one-child policy is a blunt instrument, but i believe some democratic contries could produce a fairier policy.

  • Of course not

    Our population is already going down. We don't need an unnecessary law. If we add a random law, then our world will be different. Think of China. They're only allowing 1 child per household. That law has obviously slowed down population, but some people are migrating to different countries because of that law.

  • There Should be no Policy at all

    What if a family only had 1 child and that child had an accident and did not survive it then the couples will grow old and soon die with the only child they had gone. There should at least be no law at all to ensure that families will have children to continue their name.

  • Stupidest idea ever concocted by man

    Limiting population is the dumbest idea since the splitting of the atom. China uses this as a way of maintaining viability,(which is a lie!). Most population concerns come from the premise that there's not enough land, or natural resources such as food, water, energy, ect. . To sustain the world. A complete lie. The biggest ever told. Look a who propagates this nonsense. China does have a very large problem with keeping its population fed, but that's because it strives to keep its people in workforce area's and urbanized zones. China has the equivalent of the entire United States land mass, in undeveloped, non agricultural areas. The simple truth is that all major countries don't want people to have enough food. Who would work in the factories, the offices, processing plants, and other meaningless to real life ventures? People have gotten away from the real world and live in a cyberspace driven alternate universe. While people like me who own a modest 30 acres of land grow enough food for my entire family and friends to last 6 months. They want population control so they can continue this live in the city, have resources shipped in and push button society. The world is headed for a rude awakening.

  • Strictpopulation law is bad

    If population laws are too strict , it would have other social ramifications such as an aging population in the long run. For example, Singapore adopted a "Stop at two policy" and other disincentives to demote population growth, this disincentives are very successful, but it has lead to the replacement rate falling at a precipitous rate resulting in a growing dependency ratio and stressing those in the labor force

  • Foreign Migrants are the problem

    I don't believe we should have a population law because in the future this could limit adults from having the amount of children they would like to but I strongly believe there is a very solvable problem the government could fix. It's not just a national law but an international law where people stay in the country they were born in if there is no reason to leave. However in the case of a war (these mostly happen in communist countries anyway) I believe it is THAT country's' government to solve the problem of people wanting to migrate to countries like England and America. A good reason to migrate is for things like occupation, studies and ways that wold contribute to the economy. Back to the point of a population law I think this would only cause more problems and there are easier solutions that should be realised before the country does become over populated.

    Posted by: WJ

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