• This is funny

    I think if people want it, they can get it. However, to exclude children, the city would likely have to be largely privately owned. To have the government enforce this on government property would be an impediment to the fundamental right to travel, and be very discriminatory towards people with children.

  • This would solve a great deal of problems with drug policy and other policies

    People who want drugs and prostitution alcohol tobacco and other things illegal tend to appeal an awful lot to "protect our children!" OK then you want to shield children from exposure to these things. I agree that's a good idea. So why not permit there to be adults-only towns and exempt such towns from the Controlled Substances Act and allow such towns to legalize prostitution? If there no kids there there are no kids for you to worry about being negatively influenced or being drawn into that lifestyle against age regulations. And then towns with kids there would have less problems with black markets dealing in these goods because people who want them will tend to move to or occasionally adults-only towns.

  • Yes, this must be

    Sexual and non-sexual related businesses, jobs and behaviors must be separated in society. Like a science city, a society for scientists and those who like to be one of them and there will be adults only town, a society for prostitutes and sex consumers, and there must be a chastity town that women are not allowed to be stylish, but to dress modest as men, such unisex attire like the Jedi outfit in Star Wars, a town that will promote women's natural beauty and beauty of modesty, if these town exists I will move in that town and never be tormented by sexually attractive women again and find a true love and live a happy life.

    Groups of people must be separated to avoid conflict.

  • Don't like children

    I don't like children, I never plan on having any and just because everyone else has been brain washed into thinking its normal to want them doesn't mean it should impact on my life. It would be great if there was a privately owned town where people lived and worked where other like minded people could live who didn't want children. It's not about doing 'adult' things it's just about not having kids around. I'm sure there would be other younger people who would would like to come in and replenish the population as I imagine it would be a great place. Please someone build it!

  • Never wanted children

    ..And can't stand being around them. A requirement of 'Adults only' doesn't mean it's got to be due to pornography, alcohol or any other 18 and older laws. I know quite a few adults who don't have children and don't intend to ever have them. Why not have a place where we can enjoy our lives without rules to protect children influence the way we live? School zones & school buses hindering traffic flow as an example.

  • That makes no sense.

    Unless every adult in that town plans not to have sex, an adult only town would result in babies. And then it would no longer be an adult only town, would it? And if the adults in that town actually didn't have kids, the town's population would soon disappear. Such a town would be illogical and simply wouldn't work.

  • Just Wanted To Debate The Other Side

    I feel like having an adult only town would produce more crime and illegal activity, in doing so it would spread to the normal towns and negativity effect them. Also, if it was adult only, then anyone that was pregnant would have to leave because it would be breaking the rules of the town.

  • This basically robs people in those neighbourhoods of basic freedoms

    If you buy up all the land and only sell to people who do not have kids and do not want kids, more power to you. I believe in a free market, and people being able to buy what they want, provided the seller is doing so of their own free will.

    In this way, you could establish an adult community, a senior community, etc. But how would you extend that to the next generation? Would you put a clause in that once you sold to the person, they would have to sign a contract that perpetuated the practice? I suppose you could rent an area only to adults who were not going to have children, with no children as a clause like no pets in the rental agreement.

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