• Dissecting Animals: The Real Truth

    Animals are beautiful creatures that don't deserve to be killed. It's time that we BAN this right and animals should not be killed because of that. IT'S TIME TO END THIS STUFF NOW OR ELSE YOU'LL GET THE BEST OF THE ANIMAL SOCIETY!! DO NOT KILL, LET THEM LIVE NOW! Even AN ELEPHANT has been dissected. A POOR INNOCENT ELEPHANT! Do you want an elephant to kill YOU? Stop all this CRAZY SHENANIGANS! It's fine if the animal is dead, but cut it ALIVE? NOW I know why lions sometimes want to kill you. I'm not really in HIGH SCHOOL yet! I'm not even in MIDDLE SCHOOL and I know how DISGUSTINGLY DISGUSTING it is! And you'd probably think why a 5th grader wants to to talk about it! ~sigh~

  • Yes. Hear me out!

    Never dissecting a frog is quite poor for the knowledge that your brain can receive. Going to a dissection for the first time might be nerve-racking, but let me tell you, it's not! To do something like that is an opportunity, and privilege. Give some bravery and dissect that frog, it will be a learning experience. You will obtain the knowledge and hands-on experience that you would not be able to obtain from any other place. Up lifting the spirit of children with dissection is a questionable yet monumentally seismic way to achieve greater heights in their knowledge.

    Now read the first word of every sentence.

  • Dissections Should Be Allowed!

    Dissections help students understand with visualizing it. You can get more into depth with actually seeing whats in front of you. If you want to give students a good learning experience and for them to have a great time. If they are actually dissecting the animal, then they will retain more information than just plain learning it.

  • Give us Dessection

    Dissections have cured many diseases, and bringing it into school can help cure more. Children are the future adults, and keeping them from the real world is holding back the children, holding back the future. If we keep it away, we are restricting future progress, child education, and are wasting our amazing brain as human beings. We are the dominant species of the world, and we must use other species to Thrive, even if it includes so called "cruelty." Its not cruelty. Think about it. For it to be cruelty, killing animals, then eating meat is cruelty. Should everyone become a vegan because animal death is cruel? If so, why don't we just go out there and stop all animal death. With it millions of species will die out, and our planet will overflow with animals. Animal dissection is not cruel. Animal dissection is our survival.

  • Hands on Learning

    I think that students learn much more by being involved in their learning. If the students actually are involved in the dissection they will remember more of the body parts, body functions, and where body parts are located in the body. I read that students remember 90% of what they learn in a hands on method. So I think students would learn a lot more than just listening to the teacher.

  • Hands on learning

    Students retain more learning from doing things with their hands. When a student is actually doing a dissection, they will remember 90% of what they are learning. This will help them to remember body functions, body parts, etc. which will help later in other biology classes. Students would remember more than just watching video or listening to the teacher talk about it.

  • Understanding Life Functions

    I think that dissecting helps students to understand how life works. It gives students a chance to see how a body is put together and how delicate it is. There is so much to learn from looking into an animal. If you wanted to be a doctor or nurse it would help you learn if you really liked this kind of work.

  • It is not inhumane.

    If the animal is already dead than what does it matter if it is dissected or not. Dissecting animals is much more affective than 3D computer images. Dissections are also cool and exciting...Sitting in front of a computer screen...How is that educational! This is the real world people!
    Face it!

  • It could help.

    Even though I could never see myself dissecting an animal; it is a job that some people like to do want and truly want to do for a living. School is the obvious choice where one can learn how to do so. Even though it would not be for the weak of heart, having animal dissection courses in school would ultimately benefit those.

  • Yes it should

    The animals did nothing to you so you have no right to do this to them what if you had to dissect you pet or your favorite animal would you still want to do dissection now and if you still do well then there is something wrong with you.


  • We should not have animal dissection

    Everyone that wants us to have animal dissection in schools clearly does not think about extinction on the animals we dissect. Dissection is also not needed for the problem of kids taking pictures with their dissected animals and teachers do nothing about it dissection is wrong and always will be and human beings think the world is ours to destroy and that is wrong the world belonged to the animals first.Not to us.We should stop thinking about ourselves and think about what everyone and everything needs.

  • Too Cruel to Animals

    Although I do see some reasons for dissection. I think that it is very cruel to raise an animal just to kill it so that a student can cut it up. That just does not seem right. I have a hard time understanding how people are trying to raise the number of frogs in the world, and then in biology classes we are cutting them up.

  • If we aren't dissecting humans, we shouldn't dissect animals

    Yes, I understand it's like an autopsy, however, not all of the animals die naturally. Also, they aren't respected, just dead animal bodies. I'm a vegetarian and a life is a life no matter what, I don't see a difference. If we are dissecting human bodies, that means something. Furthermore, dissecting animals is inhumane and unnecessary.

  • Animal dissection is not acceptable

    Hurting and killing animals is not acceptable. There is a fundamental change in attitude that needs to happen in the world today so we can start treating animals better. There are so many different ways and methods to get to learn something today, one of which is watching a video for example. So why do you need to kill an animal so you can dissect it?

  • Save The Animals

    Some people cut apart dogs and cats! It doesnt matter if you like cats or dogs. You can't just kill to teach! Some kids can't handle seeing that. Please don't do it, It hurts my heart. Save the animals today! I'm only in 5th grade but I'm not disrespecting rats in high school!

  • They have computers

    There are computer simulations for dissection that can be just as good or better. Would you like it if someone dissected your dead body without your permission during life? Some of these animals are grown in dark cruel human cages without families fed scraps from anything the captors can find. Animal dis

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  • This is my point!

    Dissection is wrong because they are just animals they are like us! So killing them or learning about the body then you have no choice but killing them is just wrong. Think about their lives and how they were so perfect but until they get killed? That makes no sense at all. This is my point of how dissection is wrong. SAY NO TO DISSECTION IN SCHOOLS!

  • No and this is why!

    It's a waste of time to get the equipment to dissect an animal. It is so wrong to do this because what did they do to you? You don't have enough animals to support students in schools. Who would do such a thing? Think about the animals and their lives. They probably lived a good life with out us even knowing. So dissection is wrong! End of Story.

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