• Yes we should

    No person should be able to drive drunk so I believe we should have breathalyzers in all cars even if you are a teenager. We all know there's a lot of drinking in high school so there should be a option where we can switch it to a teen so if it detects any alcohol

  • It just makes sense

    Sure it might be annoying but if makes roads safer for drivers then really, It would be a minor annoyance to for a great impact. The only problem I see is how are they going to incorporate L and P plater alcohol levels to the car’s breathalyser. Would there be settings or would you need to get a different one depending on whether or not you are a P or L plater?

  • Why do we use breathalyzers?

    Currently, Breathalyzers are only mandatory to ex-criminals guilty of impaired driving, To prevent accidents from reoccurring again.

    Although installing breathalyzers in cars is an effective way to reduce accidents related to impaired driving, It is much too costly to implement.

    Additionally, Alcohol is not the only contributing factor to impaired driving. Quite a lot of impaired driving incidents were found to be caused by other drugs.

    I believe a better solution would be to address the underlying cause of the problem: a lack of education on the consequences of impaired driving.

  • That is a waste of energy and effort

    We should not put a breathalyzer in every when most of the cars don't need it. We should only have to put breathalyzers in the cars with people with medical conditions. The others people shouldn't have to waste their time or money on this thing that is useless to them.

  • Absolutely not, For many reasons.

    I will start with the biggest reason, The Fourth Amendment. As a legal American citizen, You are protected under the constitution from unlawful searches and seizures. That being said, Without actual evidence of you drinking and driving, The police can not legally put a breathalyzer in anyone's car without the proper evidence or reason.

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